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Two years have gone by since the passing of Eric the Actor, one of the most prominent members of the Wack Pack to ever live. Howard marked the occasion on Eric the midget blog morning's Stern Show with a special retrospective of some of Eric's greatest on-air moments and asked the question: Is Eric the Actor the greatest Wack Packer ever?

Before listing his six reasons why Eric was such a great part of the show, Howard took a phone call from Jon pronounced like "Yann"Eric's former roommate and caregiver, who had an announcement to make.

Zolar had Eric the Midget...

He Eric the midget blog to be getting contacted constantly from individuals who want to get their hands on some undergarments worn by Eric the Actor. Howard wondered why anyone would even want that.

Jon can't sell his own underwear since he's a much bigger size than Eric was, but Howard suggested they get some smaller skivvies and sell them to fans instead. Eric the Actor is gone but he will never, ever be forgotten.

The latest Tweets from Eric...

After being questioned about some of his physical maladies, Eric exclaimed, "I'm club-fucking-footed, you ass wipe! After Eric made plans to make a public appearance, word got back to the Stern Show Eric the midget blog he had sold zero tickets to the event.

While on the phone talking to Howard, Fred kept playing the popular "0. Even though he only had a few lines in his episode of "In Plain Sight," Eric felt it necessary to submit a rider that outlined what he required from the show's producers.

Hey now! Does anyone have...

One item in particular caught Howard's attention: Eric was unwilling to interact with werewolves. Eric wanted to make sure that the Stern Show caller that talked about attending school with the Wack Packer learned to keep his mouth shut from now on.

Zolar had Eric the Midget...

A frequent caller of the Stern Show, Eric began saying "bye for now" before hanging up the phone. But once his catchphrase caught on with fans, Eric refused to say it. Eric the Actor could not be fooled by High Pitch Erik, who tried Eric the midget blog trick him over the phone into thinking he was "American Idol" winner Kelly Clarkson. The Howard Stern Show.

Robin Quivers with Eric the Actor in Photo: There are pics of Eric The Midget nude at the Bunny Ranch. .

On the second anniversary of...

Long time contributor to this blog, providing many Stern related stories and. Two years have gone by since the passing of Eric the Actor, one of the most prominent members of the Wack Pack to ever live. Howard marked.

There are pics of Eric...

Hey now! Does anyone have a link to ETM's blog where he prattled on about how God loves gay people and all that stuff? Bye for now!.

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