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The most popular YouTube videos have racked up billions of views. But what if YouTube happens to be inaccessible? Or you simply want more options for viewing videos online? What alternatives are there? These days, Find sites like is such a huge part of the online experience that there are many options available. The site was the first on the web to support high-definition videos, and while it does include a selection of user-generated fare, its emphasis is more on high-quality content.

Among other things, Vimeo features a number of well-known "Find sites like" and TV series, such as E!

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The site also has an easy-to-browse search feature that organizes videos by category and channel. This new chatbot is an easy way to get one. A regularly updated selection of Vimeo staff picks can help point you in the right direction. Making it unforgettable, however, is a lot tougher. Fortunately there are various tips and tricks that you can use to help you create a video to make an impression. Those who want to take a deeper dive can click the drop-down menu on the left, which features a more extensive list of 16 video categories.

The site boasts millions of videos, most of them professionally produced. In addition to TV clips, Veoh has lots of music content across a wide range of genres. It also has a movie "Find sites like" that includes some full-length features, as well as memorable clips from Find sites like large number of films. As its name suggests, The Internet Archive is a web-based library of all sorts of free content, including books, music, software, and, of course, movies.

While it does also Find sites like some newer content, some of its best videos are older and obscure news reports, TV series, and movies that are typically harder to find on other sites. Like many other sites, users can also upload videos to The Internet Archive. When uploading videos, H. Owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, think of Crackle as a sort of online TV channel that features both original shows for the web, as well as Hollywood movies and TV Find sites like from various networks.

In addition, the site is good for checking out older movies you may have missed, such as Night of the Living Dead, Animal House, Paranormal Activity, and Rudy. While many selections on this list feature a variety of TV series or movies, Screen Junkies specializes in original content that covers TV series and movies.

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For example, in Honest Trailers, comedians voice their own versions of previews for various TV shows and movies.

Many of you may only know of MySpace as the mids social networking site Social Media: It's easy to forget that social media was once considered an open field, ready for any to stake their claim.

What were those early social networks? Read More that turned out to be a precursor to Facebook. Many of the videos on MySpace are interview-based and feature celebrities in situations you might not always see them in. For example, in the series Getting Nailed, various celebrities are interviewed while getting their nails done at a salon. There are many other similarly themed interview videos on the site, many of which feature musical acts or action sports stars.

Dillon Francis, The Chairlift Interviews: Shaun Francis, and OK Go: The Ferris Wheel Interviews. The site is targeted toward the research community, including those who work with multimedia retrieval and digital libraries. With that in mind, most of the videos found on The Open Video Project are educational in nature.

Read Find sites likeas well as a collection of classic TV commercials and educational films dating back to the s. Think of 9GAG as a collection of all things fun and goofy: Most of the content is fun and frivolous.

Before visiting, be warned: The TED website features more than 2, talks covering a vast swathe of topics, such as technology, business, design, science, and global issues.

Some of the talks are funny, and some are emotional. Is there anything we can do to change the way we think or behave? These 11 absorbing TED Talks on brain science teach us to overcome our Read Morewhile others are there mainly for entertainment. YouTube is the top "Find sites like" website for a number of reasons, including its Find sites like selection of videos and association with Google.

The YouTube comments section alone can be reason enough to look elsewhere. Looking for more online video entertainment?

Here are the best free movie streaming sites. Your email address will not be published. Thank you, sir, this is a good article and honestly, This is very helpful and knowledgeable too.

Thanks for sharing with us, keep posting. What made YouTube Great was that it allowed everyone to participate. Now that they have begun to sensor people based on political ideology, Personally I Find sites like YouTube Stinks of the "New World Order Control" Therefore I am looking for Alternatives and give as little attention as I can to continue their popularity. I am exploring other options. I hate Google and YouTube, as far as I'm concerned, you bastards can go straight to hell.

The Open Video Project. Help support our freedoms and take back your power of choice. You know YouTube is some people's escape from reality and there depression and it keeps people from killing there self's right? And helps people though out there panic attacks.

Also it is people's jobs and if YouTube were to shut down how would they pay there bills and tax. Just think about that okay? Some people would have died from there thoughts in there mind. When you watch one video, they fill you full of stupid recommendations.

Right now I'm trying to decide which alternative I'd prefer as Youtube's constant rearranging has ended up being more unhelpful for me. Especially now that they seem to have decided bigger video frames are Find sites like. For some people eyes, bigger videos aren't better. Although, I suppose this was just the last in a long line of aggravation I've had with Youtube ever since Google took it over.

A home page full of unwanted recommendations, childrens movies really. Ads that just won't quit. If you really paid attention to my history you wouldn't bother me with that useless garbage. YouTube sends a blanket set of ads and interrupts our musical enjoyment with intrusively loud ads.

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Tried to get rid of them through available settings without success. Trying to find an alternative, watch out youtube I'm sure I'm not alone. My computer space is limited. Could I use you tube and three other sites comfortably.

The best along with Vimeo, even with their upload limit is Dailymotion. They're extremely underrated in my opinion.

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YouTube produces vulgar trashy material itself. YouTube also routinely displays inappropriate material to general viewers and requires general viewers to go to the extra work to prevent that instead of making the people who seek out trash go to the extra work to get it. YouTube does very little if anything to regulate uploads and advertising that foster, secretly advertise, and lead people to porn sites, escort sites, and other sites that actually offer human trafficked individuals.

This means that YouTube is a facilitator of modern slavery in the form of sex trafficking. YouTube has become degraded and cannot be trusted to support quality, the law, and the human rights and dignity of individuals. YouTube is not a respectable member of the business community, of our nation, or for society. I am ready to Find sites like to other better companies who take their responsibility seriously. The world can go on just fine without YouTube.

This is a poor choice of alternitives. Its like saying a good alternative to driving your car is Find sites like climbing.

They are both forms of transportation. They do not offer close to the same type of content. I was really hoping to find a nice video posting site similar to Find sites like YouTube used to be. Open to anyone to post their shows. Without the lame filtering and large amount of commercials.

Stupid name, quality site.

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Needs more users to grow and become a full competitor to YouTube. Power to the creators! Although your contribution to suggesting a porn site is appreciated because lets be honest Who the hell doesn't LOVE porn?!

I would guesstimate that the number or percentage would be Find sites like high. It's hard to find video sites out there that aren't simply sharing Find sites like videos. Like many other sites, users can also upload videos to The Internet Archive. Instantly find similar, related or alternative sites like the one you're browsing. Get access to all similar sites just in 1 click. Whenever you are on a site (or sites) you enjoy, hit the button. It will generate a random list of similar sites for you to check out.

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