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Jason and crystalina evert wedding


This post was originally posted on the old Revolution Jason and crystalina evert wedding Love website. The interview was done in but over a decade later it still gets numerous hits and yesterday I got a request to put it back online. This one is for you V. When I found out that Crystalina Padilla was engaged update: Now I can see that she is the perfect match for him…a beautiful young lady inside and out.

As a chastity speaker she is inspiring numerous girls and young women to strive to be the true women of God they are called to be. I hope her interview touches your heart as it touched mine. Were you always a practicing Catholic or was there a definitive point in your life when you made a change of direction? I was a cradle Catholic. When I was about fifteen I was pretty wild just doing my own thing and I became very sexually active.

I lost my virginity and from that point on — and it lasted for about three years — I was in and out of sexually active relationships. It just all went downhill from that point on. At the end of those three years I went to a retreat my mother had forced me to go to and there was a young man there, who was not too far from my age, who got up and just laid it out for me.

He talked about all of the girls, all of the pornography, all the sex, all of the partying…everything he Jason and crystalina evert wedding been into.

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I felt like he had grabbed my hand out of the audience and he walked through my life. As if he could see the things that I was most ashamed of and hiding. He put them right in front of my face. I thought to myself, what is the difference between this guy and me? I just watched him for awhile. He had this peace and this joy and this confidence that he carried about himself. So I think from that point on I really just turned my life around. I devoted my life to chastity and purity and I think I just got this overwhelming rage, in a sense.

As the years went on, I was really preaching Jason and crystalina evert wedding message of chastity and trying to help all of the young girls that were living that lifestyle I was once Jason and crystalina evert wedding. You can stop living this way.

It is never too late. Well, every day Jason and I do an hour of Adoration, the rosary, Mass, confession every two weeks and honestly just trying to always maintain and keep Christ at the center of my life…the center of everything I do.

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That is really my strength in that it keeps me pure and keeps me living this lifestyle out. I think I tried so many things to stop living that horrible lifestyle I was in and nothing Jason and crystalina evert wedding to work.

But the minute I did it with God, that was when my happened. They are fooling themselves and they are going to fall on their faces just like I did. What it is and how did you get involved? It was Jason and crystalina evert wedding young people who wanted to live out chastity and preach it in their own archdiocese around their homes and start a ministry or learn to become speakers.

I think it was my starting point of really getting involved with chastity. I was doing some work at home but I think I more or less got Jason and crystalina evert wedding involved with it when I went to the Bahamas and met Jason. How would you respond to someone who thinks this way?

I was always pushing the envelope and sin took me further than I ever wanted to go or ever expected to go. When those that live this way do approach me, I try to point out how they are lying to themselves and how much they are hurting themselves.

Purity is a way of life. It is a way of thinking. It is how you act, how you dress, what music you listen to, and the way you carry yourself around the opposite sex.

What would you say to a person reading this interview who has already been sexually active but wants to make a clean break and start living a chaste life. What would they need to do? The first and foremost…the starting point is confession. Make a very good confession.

I avoided confession like it was the plague. It was just terrible. So I took this list in there, which came to five pages front and back. But it was so beautiful the peace and the joy I had leaving that confessional. It was only through the grace and power of God that I became who I am today.

So the starting point is confession. Another thing, every morning say a simple Hail Mary or even a rosary every single day. And if you are in a sexually active relationship, take the sex out and see what your relationship is based upon. Do they love me? Are they using me? And from that point on, keep the sexual element out of the relationship. Know that sex is something that is meant for marriage and the gifts of marriage are to stay in marriage.

You will be rewarded for that. Chastity is so freeing. So go to confession as a starting point, say a Hail Mary every morning or even a rosary, spend time in Adoration and keep the physical out of the relationships. God can make you a new creation like He has me. Working with so many young women, what would you say is the main thing they wish guys would understand about girls and relationships? Girls just want so much respect from these guys and for them to really understand their feelings.

Girls need to rise up if they want to get that Jason and crystalina evert wedding.

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The way you act and the way you dress is the way you will be treated. Honestly, there is so little respect for a woman these days… for her body and for what she does. So she needs to really check herself… how she dresses and how she acts. I think it is mainly up to us how a guy treats us by how we dress and act.

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So yes, I always here Jason and crystalina evert wedding girls want respect from guys but the girls have to learn to earn it in the same sense too.

Crystalina and Jason Photo Credit. Lastly, I want to congratulate you on your engagement with Jason. Tell me, what did you think of Jason when you first met him? How did you know he was the one for you?

Crystalina: Well, every day Jason...

When I first met Jason I knew that I was going to marry him. When he walked in that door it was the strangest thing. My stomach just dropped and I knew there was going to be something so far and beyond that day and that trip. It is so fulfilling…how God has worked through both of us to do this. Actually, living and having Jason and crystalina evert wedding relationship with purity it just awesome.

One last comment is to those who have "Jason and crystalina evert wedding" past mistakes. You can become a new creation of God just like I did. Thank you so much, Crystalina. It was wonderful to get to know you better. I know you and Jason will have a wonderful future together! Our prayers are with you both! For other posts about dating and the single life, browse here.

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He had this peace and this joy…. It is how you act, Jason and crystalina evert wedding you dress, what music you…. Crystalina: Well, every day Jason and I do an hour of Adoration, the rosary, Mass, Know that sex is something that is meant for marriage and the gifts of marriage are to stay in marriage. Find Jason Evert's interview here.

Posts about Jason and Crystalina Evert written by kileenmedearis. some odd reason I didn't connect my own eating habits with my future marriage and family. A nonmarital relationship cannot be declared a marriage. disturbing to learn that founders Jason and Crystalina Evert give presentations at public schools: Next week, Jason Evert was scheduled to speak at Olean High.

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