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Bleeding after you lose your virginity


View Archives Old Boards Search full site. Is 3 days or bleeding after virginity loss normal? Questions and discussion about contraception, safer sex, STIs, sexual healthcare and other sexual health issues. Previous topic Next topic. Its not heavy at all but its bright red and have a feeling it will proabbly last for a few more days. I'm also on BC so could that be making the bleeding worse? I had a very thick hymen and was never able to put a tampon in, so is this normal?

Where are you at in your pill packet? When did you start taking the pill? Has your withdrawal bleed been regular on the pill? When you were having intercourse, was it painful at all?

Did you use lube and go slowly? Obviously not with an imperforate one, since you do have menstrual flow. If not -- and I'm guessing not, since my impression was the crap GYN you saw was your first visit, and you didn't mention them bringing this up in any way -- since it sounds like you're saying you engaged in PIV intercourse what people mean by "virginity" varies, so I can't know for sure what kind of sex you're talking about here, but if that's what you did, that wouldn't have Bleeding after you lose your virginity possible with a resilient hymenI don't see any reason to make any assumptions about the hymen.

It wears away gradually over time, rather than being all there then -- poof! So, just as an educational piece, when you say "had" a hymen, know that your hymen corona is likely still there, wearing away very gradually over a lifetime, as it Bleeding after you lose your virginity for people and starts doing once puberty begins. It also is never really gone: If they didn't, we can be pretty sure this is a nonissue in this context and probably any other.

If and when there is bleeding with intercourse due to reasons like that -- all of which can cause abrasions, and because blood vessels are so close to the surface with genitals, even a small abrasion can bleed more than one'd expect -- it usually is very temporary, and tends to be more light spotting than anything else.

If spotting is all that's happening here, I'd not sweat it. It could even be a coincidence with having breakthrough bleeding -- a common side effect of the pill -- at the same time. But if the bleeding gets worse, or you have any other issues -- like pain, fever, etc. If you still need help finding a new one, just let us know, we're glad to help with that as we can. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Ive had sex twice since then, and it "Bleeding after you lose your virginity" hurt as bad the last time, yet the spotting is still there. So my partner and I did "Bleeding after you lose your virginity" over a couple of days to help make it easier, and yes he went very slow but no lube was used, unfortunately. We also used condoms, so maybe the friction could've created more tearing? Sorry about my terminology!

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Im not exactly sure on the correct terms, but she didn't diagnose me with anything, just said I was very small. Im just concerned because although my mom is the best mom I could ask for, she is not aware that Im currently sexually active she knows im on BC but thinks Im waiting for at least a couple months and I would like it to stay that way until im ready to tell her.

Again, not heavy bleeding, just spotting. Should I go to a doctor if it goes on for more than a week? Thanks again for your responses! That GYN was not someone sound. NO GYN practicing ethically, and with sound education, would say something like that or treat you like she did. A penis will not "tear anyone apart. I think this is perhaps someone who wants to try and scare young women away from sex, honestly: And if and when injury is caused with penis-in-vaginal intercourse, it is either due to assault or due to things like a partner being aggressive when you're not aroused enough, not using enough lube, etc.

Even then, a serious injury is unlikely outside of with assault. There also isn't such a thing as a "smaller than usual" vagina. The vaginal canal is flexible and doesn't have a static size. I have no doubt that given how anxious you were, and how you were treated, you were tense as hell, which makes just about anyone's vagina more inflexible and tighter -- Bleeding after you lose your virginity thus the opening will look smaller than it does otherwise.

But a credible GYN knows that, and also knows there is no such thing as a "bigger" or "smaller" vagina. I'd suggest you toss anything that GYN said to you out, because we know from the way she was talking to you and treating you that she's simply not credible. I think -- no surprise here! I'd do what you can to ditch them. For sure, Bleeding after you lose your virginity you didn't use any lubricant -- especially when using condoms, as your bodies haven't evolved to create the extra needed with them -- you likely got some abrasion, which is why you bled.

It was my first time...

A tear of the vaginal opening is a pretty severe injury, not something minor like this sounds to be, and again, that is only likely to happen with something like assault. Taking time over a couple of days -- especially when my sense is you two haven't taken months of having other kinds of sex, including things like fingers in your vagina -- "Bleeding after you lose your virginity" have made you emotionally more comfortable, but physically, that isn't really going to do anything.

Learning to relax our muscles -- including of and around the vagina -- is something that can take more Bleeding after you lose your virginity a couple of days. I respect your desire for privacy -- having great parents doesn't mean a person doesn't want to keep some or all of their sex life private! But spotting from the pill and some bleeding with vaginal abrasion are both not something that require care. I mentioned fever because were you to get Bleeding after you lose your virginity infection from the abrasion, you'd start feeling overall bad like that.

Too, as I recall, you "Bleeding after you lose your virginity" the pill mid-cycle, yes? If so, this may well be breakthrough bleeding, at least in part, because if now would have been around the time you would have expected a period BEFORE you started the pill, it would be typical for someone who didn't do a first-day or Sunday start to have spotting like that, or just get a withdrawal bleed in the first pack of pills or two more around the time their period was due than at the time that lines up neatly with the placebo week.

In the meantime, by all means, I'd take a pass on sex with genital entry until the bleeding stops. And next time around, you want to be sure to have lubricant handy and to use it quite liberally. I'm happy to talk with you about other things you can also do to better assure you don't get any kind of injury with intercourse AND that it's more likely to feel good, if you'd like. As much as Ive tried to disregard what shes said, I cant seem to get it out of my head. Of course it frightened me and I don't want to feel guilty about practicing safe sex ,which it has since that appointment.

I'm a naturally anxious person, so the bleeding coupled with what she said, and the symptoms of the pill, freaks me out. Ill really try to forget about anything she said and go to a more credible gyno. We've been dating for over 6 months and have done a lot of other things other than PIV, but like you said, there has been no fingering.

The sex wasn't rough at all and we eased in to it so Im thinking its probably an abrasion like you said. Ive had mild cramping and nausea but I know that's because of the pill because its been going on a week before I had sex although the cramping has gotten a little worse.

Ill take close watch of my body and if the bleeding worsens, Ill get to the gyno a much better one, lol! I did start the pill about a week after my period ended, so I should've gotten my period around 5 days ago. I read somewhere that sex can trigger your period, so I'm not sure if something like that happened?

I would love to hear about how to make it less painful and comfortable! Again, I can not thank you guys enough. Any kind of sexual shaming -- and again, I think we both have felt that was happening with her -- is also, sadly, very sticky for pretty much everyone.

We live in a culture of Bleeding after you lose your virginity mixed messages about sex, a culture with a lot of sexual shame all over the place, so since most people already have some already, fuel to the fire like that tends to just set it all the more ablaze.

I remain so angry on your behalf about this, btw, and so bummed for you that you had to experience that. Please know that while any one person saying this to you isn't likely to magic what she said and it's crappy impact away, you are somewhere where your right to experience pleasure and choose a sexual life you want is totally respected and honored.

Consensual sex and the experience of pleasure and intimacy in our lives -- be that sexual or from other things -- isn't something anyone should feel ashamed of, even though, sadly, a lot of people are taught and enabled to feel that way. I certainly respect your right to pleasure and intimacy of all kinds in your life, including sexually, and think neither are anything to feel ashamed about.

The hymen is never lost...

It's probably just going to take some time, and any effort you can give to just make a practice of countering things she said, when they come up, with a little talk to yourself that basically says, "That woman was a freaking nightmare and a bad doctor: Sex can't make periods Bleeding after you lose your virginity withdrawal bleeds happen, no. What can happen is that if someone is starting to get one, then has an orgasm -- which causes uterine contractions -- it can kind of push flow along a little more.

But when periods or withdrawal bleeds happen isn't something that can change overnight: So, am I getting right that it WAS painful for you? If so, so I can make sure I'm giving you useful help, besides not using lube: It may sound like a big duh, but since it often isn't, it would also be helpful to know if intercourse has been something you have really, really wanted, overall, and that you feel very ready for, sexually, emotionally, the whole works.

Is it something you have felt anxious about or pretty excited and relaxed about? Or has it more been something your partner has wanted? Instead of informing me on the risks she was trying to scare me into not having sex, which really skewed my view of sex afterwards. That's why I like posting here, because its an accepting and comfortable environment, and everyone is so helpful, so thank you for that!

I agree that sex and pleasure isn't something anyone should feel bad about, but like you said, me and people in general have been taught its a bad thing.

Ah okay, so can I expect to have my Bleeding after you lose your virginity during the placebo pills or.? I just don't want to add to the anxiety with a pregnancy scare. Yes the sex was painful but not overly so, - I really waited to have sex at the right time and felt like I was emotionally, physically, and mentally prepared.

I made sure I was BC at least two weeks beforehand, we had a couple days to ourselves, and that it was something we both wanted physically and emotionally. I definitely wanted it physically and emotionally so that wasn't a problem. Maybe because we were both eager to finally do it? Ive been anxious in the past about it because I was scared of getting pregnant, or getting an STD. But since Ive gotten on birth control I'm more relaxed. I always make sure he uses a condom though, because hes had partners in the past and I don't want to contract an STD.

He was fine with waiting longer for me but it was actually me who wanted and was ready for it. 16 yrs old Female asked about Bleeding after losing virginity, 1 doctor answered this and people found it useful. Get your query answered. After he was done, I checked my underwear and it was drenched in blood.

lookie here:

I am assuming that my hymen was broken but I didn't think it was. Wondering how to know if your hymen is broken (and what, for that matter, the hymen actually is)?

Bleeding after intercourse was thought to be proof of an unbroken. If you lose your phone, is that a conscious decision?.

Survey Archives Old Boards Search full plot. Is 3 days or bleeding after virginity loss normal? Questions and examination about contraception, safer sex, STIs, propagative healthcare and other sexual health issues. Previous topic Next topic. Its not heavy at all but its alight red and possess a feeling it will proabbly stand up for a insufficient more days.

I'm also on BC so could that be making the bleeding worse? I had a very much thick hymen and was never clever to put a tampon in, so is this normal?


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Bleeding after you lose your virginity

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Losing sexual tension and/or interest...? Or maybe not? Lost my virginity on the 16th and I'm still bleeding. Its not heavy at all but its bright red and have a feeling it will proabbly last for a few more days. The hymen is never lost and ideally it never bleeds. The tl;dr: the amount of bleeding depends on the hymen in question and what exactly happened to damage..

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Why Didn't I Bleed When I Lost My Virginity

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Is it normal for...

I definitely wanted it physically and emotionally so that wasn't a problem. I'm happy to talk with you about other things you can also do to better assure you don't get any kind of injury with intercourse AND that it's more likely to feel good, if you'd like. If you still need help finding a new one, just let us know, we're glad to help with that as we can. Not when it's "too much," but at all.

Maybe because we were both eager to finally do it? Sex can't make periods or withdrawal bleeds happen, no.

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