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Having trouble cuming durnning oral sex


The Man Manual - men's health made easy in print. Together we can change that. I have been having an embarassing problem, which has been causing me some concern for the last two years. When I ejaculate my sperm is runny with lumps and tinged yellow Having trouble cuming durnning oral sex if mixed with urine, it also has an unpleasant smell.

If I do not have sex for a few weeks the runnier and lumpier it becomes. This causes some discomfort when ejaculating. I am also prone to thrush like infections, which respond well to treatment with canestan. The thrush-like symptom always returns a few hours after having sex. My fiancee also has frequent problems with thrush, usually following intercourse with me. I had an operation for an un-decended testicle when I was 4, could this be connected?

I am now I am considering having a vasectomy for other reasons would this cause any problems? First the undescended testes is almost definitely not connected although there is an increased from testicular cancer so check for lumps as descried on this site.

The vasectomy will make no difference as the bulk of semen is from the prostate no the testes. Repeated infections with thrush should be investigated by your doctor as you may be diabetic.

It may not be thrush as it is unlikely for it to show so soon after intercourse. It can be passed on between couple so you should be treated at the same time. Semen does turn more Having trouble cuming durnning oral sex as we age.

It also gets thicker and less in volume. Even so, any infection will make this worse and can produce a smell. I suggest you see your doctor over all these points but Having trouble cuming durnning oral sex really do not think you have anything nasty going on. My semen test shows that there is prolonged liquefaction condition.

But the problem is he...

What kind of medicine should I take. You should discuss this with your family planning clinic but I doubt if there is any specific medicine required. Your semen is simply taking longer for the enzymes and acid in the vagina to become liquid allowing the sperm to swim freely. Being dehydrated can make it worse so take plenty of fluids non alcoholic.

I have a serious problem I need to delay my ejaculation during intercourse. I ejaculate too fast, please find me a solution of any kind. I'm an 18 year old virgin and have recently met a new girlfriend! However I had quite an embarrasing experience the other day. We were only kissing and did nothing else but it got quite passionate and I became very aroused and came! She didn't notice Having trouble cuming durnning oral sex I made my excuses and left but now I can't relax when we're kissing in fear that it will happen again.

Sex is part of your...

Is it natural to ejaculate at such an early stage? Is there any way that I can stop myself becoming so aroused so easily, or will it get better with time or what? Your reaction is totally normal and it will get better.

Premature ejaculation

There is good advice on this site about premature ejaculation. Pre-come, to the piont where my partner thinks ive already ejaculated, although i havent. Ejaculation takes place seconds after i enter her. I have tried the squeeze technique and it is not working. There is very good advice on this site. You might also try asking your GP for some beta blockers such as propranolol which might get you through until you can control it all.

I'm in a long distance relationship and I only get the chance to meet my girlfriend three nights a month. My problem is that I often get irregular erections, and it is becoming a major problem.

My girlfriend is getting very frustrated with me. I don't understand how I can have a hard erection one night and then get nothing the next day. It is humilating, emotionally bruising and very frustrating.

I'm twenty years old and she is my first real girlfriend. I fear I will lose her if I don't sort this problem out. Can you offer me any medical advice on what I can do solve this problem? When she gives me oral sex, I have never been able to ejaculate in her mouth. This may seem trivial, but is that natural? As she wants me to cum and I want to as well, but I have never been able to.

I hope you can help me, as I don't know Having trouble cuming durnning oral sex to do. If ever there was a case of trying too hard this has to be it. So many guys are out there nodding their collective heads. Getting an erection is a complicated affair but one thing we do know is that desperately wishing it will happen is like throwing ice water on a big dick.

Yes, you might be able Having trouble cuming durnning oral sex produce an erection on the first night but simply wishing it will happen again after all the anticipation is not a goer.

Even Yorkie eaters have this problem. "Having trouble cuming durnning oral sex" more time over the subsequent sex, use more foreplay, use sexy videos or books and generally take it much slower. Not being able to ejaculate under pressure is so very common no matter where it ends up.

A great deal of this is due to the way us blokes are brought up as things 'being dirty'. Just take it easy and let things happen in their own time rather than trying to make them and it will all get there in the end. I am 26 year old boy and unmarried. My problem is that because of masturbaution my penis shape has changed meaning it is not straight and not in power.

Second thing is that now I discharge within 30 seconds which means too early. Also I like too much to do sex with a girl but when I got a girl my penis not stand exactly it is not that I not have sex desire, I like it too much and think more about sex. I would like to inform you that now I leave masturbation and go regularly to the GYM and have very nice body figure, but because of above mentioned problems I worry. So kindly help me and suggest me some cream or oil or medicine for Penis strength and increased time limit.

I will be very thankful to you. Thanks with best regards. You are in good Having trouble cuming durnning oral sex and it is nothing to do with masturbation which frankly is very good for penile condition. You almost definitely have a condition called Peyronie's. This is a little understood condition but there are treatments available see information on this site.

There is no connection between Peyronie's and premature ejaculation so you should find that once your confidence returns it will cease to be a problem. Ask your GP for advice after reading the information on this site. I am 35 years old and male. I am having this problem for approx. When I am having sex with my wife or masturbasting, I ejaculate, but I do not have an orgasm.

As soon as I get the feeling in my testicles, I ejaculate and the semem just seeps out.

Can you orgasm during vaginal...

Ejaculation is subtly different to the orgasm. If you have had ten orgasms all in a row I wish you will be producing little or no ejaculate yet there will still be the feeling of muscular contraction. The orgasm happens between your ears not your legs and may be the result of a type of hormone called endorphins. The level of the orgasm varies considerably and a great deal depends on the circumstances of the sex taking place. Increased anticipation along with maximum stimulation, both physical and mental will all influence the orgasm.

The ejaculation on the other hands remains more or less the same.

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Not only does the pleasure of orgasm vary between men, and for that matter women, it can be totally absent for both sexes and a fair proportion of people will go through their entire lives without experiencing it. I suggest you try all the stimulation and foreplay you can cope with and see what happens. At the very least you are obviously not impotent, another problem which tends to get confused with the orgasm and ejaculation. I have recentely, 4 months ago, split up with a long term girlfriend.

I'm finding it really hard to get over the relationship and don't know what to do. Everyone keeps saying that I should just forget about her and stop talking to her. The only problem is that I value her as Having trouble cuming durnning oral sex of my best friends and find it hard to cut off all ties.

Also, since the break up I have been with a few other girls, mainly one night stands, and am suffering from premature ejaculation. This has never happened before and is bothering me some bit. Thank you in advance. I am delighted to say that this is not a medical "Having trouble cuming durnning oral sex" although you probably feel as though your heart could do with a transplant. I used to wonder what on earth people were talking about when they mentioned 'a broken heart' until I had good cause to understand only too well.

You are experiencing a form of grief reaction with all the horrible components such as denial, guilt, anger and so on. If you have a problem with ejaculation, visit your GP, who will discuss the problem close to ejaculating); take breaks during sex and think about something boring.

climax during "normal" intercourse and require manual or oral stimulation. Many females have difficulty reaching orgasm. consideration of manual stimulation (including focus on the clitoris), oral sex, or anal sex, Communication provides both partners with an active say in desires and pleasures during lovemaking. Sex · cum Having trouble cuming durnning oral sex cumming · partner · Partners · priorgasmia · anergasmia · orgazm.

My boyfriend and I enjoy giving and getting oral sex. There's one problem. He isn't apparently bothered about ejaculating in your mouth.

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