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Catholic community of alpena


Prev Thread Next Thread. Change to Thread View. Oldest First Newest First. I'm trying "Catholic community of alpena" find out the very early history of St. Anne's Church in Alpena.

It's now situated at Sable Street, just off 9th Street. I understand that originally, it used the first Catholic Church building that had been St. Bernard's church, and St. Bernard's church was built directly across Chisholm Street, where it stands now. I'd like to know if there are any pictures of the original building, and when St.

Anne's current building was erected. I'm trying to find records of a marriage that took place in 'St. Ann's' in Alpena inand inSt.

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Anne's didn't actually exist. I think that they got married there inthen remembered what the new name of the church was when telling folks where they were married. Records are not being found yet, but I'd like Catholic community of alpena know what the church looked like if possible, and when it was torn down.

Just a bit-maybe something new Records in book done by NEGS start Anyone searching for St Anne records before are sent to St Bernard's records-that book done by society starts at Land never used for that purpose.

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Father Catholic community of alpena was told to visit alpena as ofter as he could-traveled from Beaver Island to Alpena on several occations The churches split in Earlier records before ? I've no idea where!!! Father Murray's Have been looking for church records for my McCallum family who came in the early 's. Thanks for your help. If I ever find that guy's records, I'll certainly let you know! But, I have found that there were other priests as well, who served the area.

Murray served at St. So, anything may be possible.

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I do know that St. Bernard's has records back at least as far asbecause they checked back that far for me, when I thought Catholic community of alpena the couples got married there. In fact, since there was no other Catholic church in Alpena at that time, it had to be there. I think that the one couple remembered it as St. Anne's because later, it WAS St.

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But they remembered that the priest who married them was Fr. So, it may well be lost records I'm looking for. Thanks for looking up the information for me, though. I truly appreciate it. Church records are posted at this site http: I did find that some of the earliest records for the Catholics in Alpena were to be found at St. I did find some of the people that I was hunting for, but not all. There may be other records in Harrisville. The locals there have an excellent library, but seeing that I'm in Utah now, and no longer working on the genealogy I was working on at "Catholic community of alpena" time, I have not pursued this any farther.

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But each of the churches now have their records in their churches, and do help by looking for what you need, if you have specific names to research. They may take some time, Catholic community of alpena they use volunteers who are not always there, and who don't always know much about the research end of it all. But they DO help! Find a board about a specific topic. History. All Saints Catholic Parish Full Color Logo. All Saints Catholic Parish.

Mass times and detailed church information for St. Anne located in Alpena, Michigan. “Communion of Saints” art piece which spans the front walls of the sanctuary of .

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