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Log in or Sign up. I never knew how hard Asian men have it in the dating scene until I hooked my friend up on a date Discussion in ' Mayberry Lounge ' started by TidWellSep 25, Mar 13, Messages: I hooked up my Asian friend from college with one of my white female coworkers, when they met she was super friendly and smiling and gave him a hug they talked in the back seat of the car as I drove them with my date in shotgun, I kept looking in the "Dating korean men forums" and they looked like they were having a good time laughing and conversing, and we ate our food and later she pulled me aside and she told me why did I hook her up with an Asian guy, like it was an insult.

I was kinda baffled they were getting along great, I told her but you told me you didn't care what race the guy was and said as long as he can make you laugh and has a great personality, and she said I know but I thought the guy would be black like you not Asian.

I didn't think much of it because it was her preference you cant force someone to be attracted to someone, its stupid to do so. But my Asian friend was on cloud nine after I dropped off our dates, he was buzzing to me like dude she is hot, he said she laughed at all his jokes and was so easy to talk with and I was feeling uncomfortable on how I should break it to him, so I decided not to say anything at all and just called him up saying that her ex came Dating korean men forums into her life and they decided to try to work things out once again.

But he keeps asking about her, its weird If that were me I wouldn't be interested anymore but he told me this was the first time a white girl ever dug him and he felt they had chemistry. It was just weird, she really put on a show pretending she was into him, usually girls are straight up they wont give Dating korean men forums much to go on and just give an awkward laugh or be cordial she really was giving off a vibe like she liked him, until she pulled me over and said that she didn't like him and wasn't into Asian guys.

I'm a bit of a jerk though, cause I tease her at work saying my friend keeps asking about you, why did you break his heart? TidWellSep 25, Madmick Dating korean men forums, Rod1Almighty Angus and 7 others like this.

Mar 16, Messages: I expect your friend to be groped in a crowded bus next. PubliusVentidiusSep 25, Pics of white chick. Jan 22, Messages: Small dicks dont attract women.

I hooked up my Asian...

White and blacks guys small dick is only revealed when its too late and they have to fuck you anyway. WerdunSep 25, TidWellSep 26, Aug 22, Messages: Maybe he got the tripe with his Pho.

Vancouver Asian Men Have Problems...

That's a big turn off. Apr 27, Messages: Jul 13, Messages: ReyesnuthugrSep 26, ScytherModernMattMerlotte's and 3 others like this.

On a serious note, almost...

Jan 19, Messages: Poor bastard thought he actually had a chance. Also, a few years ago I saw some online survey that basically conveyed that Asian men and Black girls rank the lowest in terms of desirability.

Conversely, Asian women and Black men were Dating korean men forums highly desirable. BrofessorSep 26, Hunter SimpsonJack Handy jrventrue and 11 others like this. Nov 14, Messages: Oct 11, Messages: PhlogSep 26, TobaccoJack Handy jrPwent and 6 others like this.

Jul 7, Messages: So wait a second DaleBocaSep 26, Jul 17, Messages: African Americans can be popular cause they often lighter skin with exotic features. Like a Will Smith but he not common in Nigeria and he got euro blood in him. Though if you look like Ngannou you be fine with some women. Being tall and shredded helps a lot.

SeasideSep 26, Jackie Blue and Mocrates like this. Apr 22, Messages: GoldentrophyillclintLeft Hook Lacy and 3 others like this. TobaccoLeft Hook LacyCalibur and 2 others like this. WerdunSep 26, You Dating korean men forums log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: This recent Vancouver Sun article is about Ronald Lee who runs a coaching service for Asian Men. Is it possible to meet a nice Korean guy who actually wants to date me, not just try to use me for English or sex? It seems Korean men think that.

What would be the first...

I hooked up my Asian friend from college with one of my white female coworkers, when they met she was super friendly and smiling and gave.