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The Pen Penetration testing blog Partners Security Blog brings you the latest news and trends in penetration testing and the internet security industry. Pen Test Partners delivers ground breaking, original research, often picked-up and shared by national and international press and TV.

How Tos No need for lock picking tools 02 Nov Internet Of Things Ghost hardware. Internet Of Things Hacking ghost hunters 30 Oct How Tos Cisco device config dumping 26 Oct Vulnerability Advisory Time Travel Debugging: Standards for a secure IoT?

Internet Of Things Which?

During a physical social engineering...

Magazine recommends vulnerable smart home camera 08 Oct How Tos Running a security awareness program 01 Oct Maritime Cyber Security Container theft, "Penetration testing blog" legal system and poor maritime security 21 Sep Maritime Cyber Security Automotive theft affects shipping security 07 Sep Internet Of Things Smart Locks: Dumb Security 31 Aug Opinions Hacking the Bitfi Part 5: MITM transactions 14 Aug How Tos Tamper proofing review: Opinions Hacking the Bitfi Part 3: The device with no storage 03 Aug Phishing frenzy and exploding goods?

Opinions Hacking the Bitfi.

Mobile Security

Part 1 31 Jul Disclosure train wreck 26 Jul How Tos Data exfiltration techniques 11 Jul Reverse Engineering Hardware reverse engineering. A Penetration testing blog from the workbench 22 Jun How Tos Windows Server settings. Administrative Templates — Network Items. A security how-to 21 Jun Maritime Cyber Security Hacking, tracking, stealing and sinking ships 04 Jun Internet Of Things Z-Shave.

Exploiting Z-Wave downgrade attacks 23 May Maritime Cyber Security What can maritime insurers learn from cyber liability insurers? Your office is twice as easy and half as scary 03 May How Tos Soldering for Reverse Engineering. How Tos Docker Penetration testing blog Hackers? Internet Of Things Security by Design.

Internet Of Things IoT vulns are unexploitable by the masses. Wrong 21 Feb Maritime Cyber Security Hacking maritime blockchains 12 Feb Internet Of Things A smart sex toy that pings your employer? Internet Of Things Want entropy?

Now, this time we've came...

Changing the attackers aim 26 Jan Internet "Penetration testing blog" Things NoT: Opinions VTech strikes again 18 Jan How Tos Hacking a talking toy parrot 01 Dec Consumer Advice Practical security advice for keyless cars 27 Nov How Tos Hacking your office through your screen caster 24 Nov Internet Of Things IoT vendors.

Avoid recalls, choose a secure chip 17 Nov Maritime Cyber Security Sinking container ships by hacking load plan software 16 Nov How Tos Exfiltration by encoding data in pixel colour values 08 Nov Vulnerability Advisory Compromising unencrypted butt plug comms 18 Oct How Tos Girl on a train. The snooping girl on a train: The Sequel 12 Oct Internet Of Things Screwdriving. Locating Penetration testing blog exploiting smart adult toys 29 Sep An IoT how-to 18 Sep Social Engineering Social engineering in the festival field 05 Sep Internet Of Things IoT: Where do you draw the line?

Blockchain Blockchain Implementation Security. A hardening how-to 22 Aug Internet Of Things Brick or Bot? Solving Penetration testing blog update issues 16 Aug Internet Of Things Analysis: A reminder 25 Jul Privacy invasion or worse?

Hardware Hacking Obfuscating consumer IoT hardware. Is it worth it? What you need to know 28 Jun Consumer Advice Home Wi-Fi routers.

Here are the 13 most...

Making a better, bigger botnet 06 Jun Internet Of Things Hacking wireless house alarms 05 Jun How Tos What I learned about managing worm outbreaks… 14 years ago 16 May How to get an IoT vendor to take notice 05 May The snooping girl on a train 28 Apr Internet Of Things Hacking tractors is a thing. Is it the start of something else for connected cars? Cast iron Security Flaw 12 Apr "Penetration testing blog" really 03 Apr Internet Of Things Jurassic Poke: Hacking a Dino toy 16 Mar How Tos LAN surfing.

Internet Of Things Weeping Angel. Penetration testing blog You can have your cookie and eat it! Consumer Advice CloudPets data breach 28 Feb Internet Of Things Pathway to driverless cars. UK law and liability. Are all listening Bluetooth devices set for the bin? No Longer Welcome in Germany! How Tos Help Penetration testing blog spot phishing. Internet Of Things Screw Cayla: Use Chromecast for rogue Amazon Echo voice control!

Blockchain Secure all the things with other things via the Blockchain! Consumer Advice How to avoid blowing your privacy online 25 Jan Internet Of Things Christmas lights. British Airways has released no technical details on how attackers managed to getpeople's personal information – including payment card numbers. Penetration Testing represents one of the first steps to follow in order to assess your organization's security posture.

Pentests help uncover vulnera. Where I blog about Penetration Testing concepts, Walkthroughs, Cheatsheets and more!.

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