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Why Girls Like Douchebags


Relationships with these guys always end with tears, anger and screenshots that you send to your friends in a group chat. Here are some of the reasons why we love to date douchebags. He looks interesting and confident. We give him the routine stare down and the sight of a nice pair of shoes relives us. These guys hate commitment and we constantly find our selves being their unofficial girlfriend. In the same way men court women, women court douchebags.

No one likes to admit it Why Girls Like Douchebags we secretly love the drama. They keep us guessing and we ultimately have to step our game Why Girls Like Douchebags just to keep up with them. They always give us a story to tell our friends and no matter how much they tell us to leave him alone we go back Why Girls Like Douchebags we want more. The relationship our father has with our mother sets the blueprint for how we will allow men to treat us in the future.

Our parents want us to date the nice guy that has manners and keeps his elbows off the table boring! They have a way with words and they make even the most terrible things sound amazing. Instinctually women tend to be more nurturing so we feel the need to help people. When we see a guy that is a hot mess, we want to make him better and we satisfaction out of making someone else better.

Sadly, this is never the outcome. Our hormones are a major part in what attracts us to people.

So this in time becomes...

The guys with strong jaws, broad shoulders and deep voices are believed to possess good genes. Researchers have stated that during ovulation our hormones make us believe that the sexy bad boy types will make better dads and devoted partners.

SBK also raised the question,...

Basically once a month our hormones are tricking us into believing that these hunky jerks are actually model citizens not just actual models. Typically bad boys take the lead and women find that attractive. Men that give us all the power are less attractive to us because we no longer view them as a provider. If a guy lets us walk all over him, we will. We like to be told what to do…in bed.

We like the guys that can rescue us from a burning building and will punch a dude in the face for hitting on us. Hyper masculine qualities make us feel all tingly inside and guys that are nice and sensitive are viewed in our society as being more feminine and weak. They tell us what we want to hear in the right moment.

Have you ever got into a hysterical fight with a guy and he butters you up to smooth things over. We date them because everyone else dates them and we think if someone else wants him there has to be something good going on there…wrong!

We usually assume that if a guy is single and has Why Girls Like Douchebags for Why Girls Like Douchebags while that there is something wrong with him, so we seek out the men that have a crowd of women around them.

We want to be the special one that he chooses out of all the other fish in the sea.

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So we date the guys that have a reputation. It only gets worse after you date your first douche. So now something so simple as a good morning text or a kiss on the cheek seems like a big deal. Douchebags prey on women with low self-esteem and we get sucked right in.

People that are interested in finding a long-term partner look for things like, intelligence and financial stability rather than physical attraction.

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I would say most "Why Girls Like Douchebags" like men who show confidence and who know how to scale over or around a mountain (problem). Douchebags, as you put it, have a.

I've decided to take a stab at this myth, that women like or why her boyfriend is such an asshole/loser/douchebag and why she keeps ending. So this in time becomes the douchebag theory; all the girls will go for the guys that treat them like crap because it is what they are taught to do.

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