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Woman looses virginity


Woman looses virginity was Woman looses virginity the bigger side, so he just kind of went at full force and I bled like a fucking waterfall. I felt bad about his sheets and carpets after. I was 13 and my fiancee boyfriend at the time and I walked about 4 miles in the middle of the summer to buy condoms from the gas station. Then we snuck off to the woods behind his house to have sex. For some reason, three or four neighborhood dogs decided to steal my panties from under my back then return them to his front porch three weeks later with a giant hole in the ass.

Oh, also since it was summer at dusk and my fiancee is a profuse sweater, for a little while there, he was on top of me dripping sweat so bad that I thought it was raining.

He ended up with about forty mosquito bites and had to take a bath in Epsom salt.

A virgin is someone who's...

It was an early release day. I was 16 and I had my own car. My former SO and I planned this day as it would be our 1 year anniversary. We brought blankets, he brought a condom, I wore a dress for easy access despite it being about 30 Woman looses virginity out there. I parked my car in a secluded spot by my school and we sat in the back of my small Honda Accord. I reverse parked it so we could see any oncoming cars entering the parking lot.

At this point it was rainy and and foggy out there. We secured the blankets, covering the windows should anyone look in, and I took down whatever chain hung Woman looses virginity my rear view mirror so no one would recognize the car.

A lot of thought went into this day. We go down on each other. His balls smelled, and they smelled bad. So I put the condom on for him and sit on his lap. It hurts, but we keep going. I put my undies and bra back on, we take down the blankets, and he cleans up. We still laugh about it to this day and I still have the undies I lost my v-card in. I hope you guys feel as awkward as I did writing this. I was 22 and he was my first real boyfriend.

We had been friends for years before we got together but had only been actually dating a few months. I was so nervous and full of adrenaline that I my whole body was shaking uncontrollably. He eventually managed to calm me down and we got into it. He stayed over Woman looses virginity we tried again later. Everything went smoothly the second time and we had a running joke about our downstairs mice infestation. My husband and I were 20 when we got married and never had sex til our wedding night.

I was pretty nervous about it. Mostly being completely naked together Woman looses virginity that. But it was gentle and loving and sweet and passionate—everything I thought it would be.

We did it about 6 times in the first 12 hours XD. I was heavily wet and I remember a hot quick pain as he penetrated me and then a huge pressure as he entered fully. It was a little sore but a good sensation like needing to pee. It was classic missionary style with my legs bent at the knee and spread a little.

The first few thrusts were a little uncomfortable, but after that it felt good and natural. I was quite spiritual back then. Also, I thought I was in love, but the guy was an absolute asshole- however, in this case, he was a means to an end. Fast forward, a little after my 21st birthday, I ended up getting together one night with this guy I kissed on my 20th birthday first kiss btw.

It was Netflix and chill and somehow my top came off, then my bra, and then I was butt naked and he was too. It actually felt great; I thought it would hurt and it only did for a second. Other than that I had fun! It was kind of a Woman looses virginity of the moment hey you wanna try it? It was very pleasurable for him, but for me, not so much I expected that. I also ended up crying, which I was not expecting, just because of how emotional it ended up being.

It felt fucking incredible. And then we went back to my house, I told him I wanted to try again and apparently I was way tighter than he was expecting but when he finally went in, swear to god it was fucking ecstasy.

He was also my first boyfriend, my first everything so that factor also made it hot and incredibly romantic. I was raised in a super Christian home so after I got over not being a virgin anymore, we were basically like rabbits in heat.

Pretty sure that being my first sexual relationship is what spurred on my becoming a sex addict. Woman looses virginity was kind of an accident but I was always flirty with him and i knew he was attracted to me.

Dedicated to your stories and...

He was really gentle with me, he slowed down when I asked him too and we taught each other a few things the times after that even though he Woman looses virginity way more experienced than I was. It was apparent neither of us knew what we were doing and there was quite a bit of laughter—mostly from nerves. He told me he loved me for the first time after….

Everyone's “first time” is different....

I knew he really meant it. I was 18, he Woman looses virginity He knew I had a crush on him and used that to manipulate me into bed with him where he basically used me as a personal cum dumpster for lack of a better word.

Everyone's “first time” is different....

There for his needs. Most of which was him getting his and me getting… nothing. He was also a virgin. So I should mention now that I was supposed to be meeting a friend who had driven 4 hours to visit me at 10am.

I had spent the night as in legitimately sleeping with Brad. To this Woman looses virginity it was one of the top 5 most painful experiences of my life. Needless to say, neither of us got off. To top it off, when I checked the time it was well after 10 and "Woman looses virginity" had 3 or 4 missed calls from my friend. I also got a UTI Woman looses virginity had pain in my cooch for almost a week.

Literally I was gushing blood for 8 hours. My brother got that car a year later…. It hurt, pretty bloody, and we were a sweaty mess after. We did it in his bed when his parents were out of town and although it was awkward, it still felt good to be experiencing it with someone like him.

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I take my SO home and head to the library to volunteer Woman looses virginity I'm a good girl. We still laugh about it to this day and I still have the undies I lost.

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