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Hookup sites for 21 year olds


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Undergraduate Full time Part time. Turn on thread page Beta Toggle. Thoughts on joining a dating site at 21? Find out how to boost Hookup sites for 21 year olds performance with these healthy snacks. Start new discussion Reply. This is an idea I've been toying with for a while, but I wanted to get as many people's opinions as possible before going further with it. Basically, I'm about to go into my final year at uni, will be turning 21 in a few weeks, and have been single for far longer than I'd care to mention.

This is for a couple of reasons - mainly Hookup sites for 21 year olds I had quite a few self-confidence issues until fairly recently, and also that I've been preoccupied with work and other activities over the last couple of years. However, it's a situation I'd really quite like to change, and I'm wondering whether joining a dating site might be a good idea. Partly that's because virtually all of the attractive, intelligent and interesting women I've met recently seem to be already in relationships, and virtually all of my circle of friends are coupled up to the extent that even at parties I'm often the only single person there.

With a dating site, on the other hand, it seems as if that obstacle is taken out to a large extent: What do people think? Apologies for the slightly rambling post, but thanks in advance for your opinions! Follow 42 followers 15 badges Send a private message to Lucia. Follow 2 I don't think it's too young. There are a fair number of young-ish people who date online. As for whether it'll work, it's worth a try! And you can delete your account if it doesn't anyway. Follow 3 I don't think it's too young to join a dating site.

They do have a lot of advantages with people who have low confidence. When I was 16, going through a large turmoil in my life I signed up to a dating site, which you should really be 18 to do.

Anyway I did meet some really lovely people, and it did help me to become more confident in how I look and how I approached people. Loads of people find their spouse on the internet these days, don't feel ashamed in trying to find someone for yourself. Sorry for the slightly egocentric post -hope it helped somewhat. Good luck in whatever you decide! Follow 4 I wouldn't be worried, Sir. "Hookup sites for 21 year olds" Site I use to go on was called OKCupid; actually for a site it was great because it was free and it didn't charge you for messages like Zoosk or other such crap.

Hell, I still dive on and I'm 20, not as much as I did when I was 18 mind, but I still keep up with some of my friends on there. They are useful tools, however. Being able to limit down people in an area you can reach and with OKCupid you go through a set of questions and it matches you to like three people pretty much every day.

Usually, though, it likes to put those people miles away. Back a year ago, I'd put the range to like fifty miles and it started putting matches up in London, Cornwall, even Norther Ireland and Shetland a couple of times.

But overall sites like that are pretty decent. Like Lucia and Kayliegh said, you aren't too young and they are great for meeting nice Hookup sites for 21 year olds, even if nothing happens, you meet someone new and nice and have a laugh.

Follow 5 Original post by Anonymous This is an idea I've been toying with for a while, but I wanted to get as many people's opinions as possible before going further with it.

Michaelj Follow 7 followers 10 badges Send a private message to Michaelj. Follow 6 No you have to be attractive to do succesful on a dating site, I'm afraid. It's even worst at a younger age. Women will ignore Hookup sites for 21 year olds messages for a variety of reasons as they can't see your personality for what it is or they dont like your pictures, height, job, ambitions etc.

A teacher was 5ft 8 and she ignored me but contacted my friend and met. Except he brought me out so it was a night out drinking. In the end she wore high heels and was shorter than me and I'm 5ft 7 and she ended up liking me over my friend which I felt bad about.

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But online dating is free so you got nothing to lose But don't expect an increase in confidence, actually expect a decrease in confidence. Even the most handsome guys get turned down. Of course that was from a guys perspective. If you're an average looking girl you'll get bombarded with messages from guys unable to get attractive girls. Messages from rude to decent. Linnerzx Follow 2 followers 9 badges Send a private message to Linnerzx. Follow 7 I've also been on OkCupid, I'm Hookup sites for 21 year olds I deleted my account as I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted out of it.

I tried every major dating...

I often talked myself out of meeting up with people. My advice if you do join is to try and not fall into the generic male on dating websites. For example on OkCupid it tells you how frequently somebody responds for messages. For girls, it is almost always 'very selectively' whilst for guys its the complete opposite. I think girls become a lot fussier on the website, and can get bombarded with messages, so we just decide which ones we will reply to and which ones we won't.

Here's a heads up; if I got a message from someone saying "Hi hows u", I wouldn't respond. And am I really going to reply saying anything other than 'good thanks you? So my advice is, write a little on your profile, but not too much. And if your going to message a girl, read her profile first.

If anything interests you, Hookup sites for 21 year olds message her something related to it, just try and say something original! Antifazian Follow 10 followers 16 badges Send a private message Hookup sites for 21 year olds Antifazian.

Follow 8 I met my current boyfriend on a dating site, i'm 20 and he's It worked really well for us, so why not give it a go. Follow 9 All dating site as sausage-fests,it's full of guys chasing a handful of 'normal' women,the rest are mentals or fake profiles. Also you have to compete with all these nauseatingly good profiles and handsome pictures of guys. Yep they all look like male models and are surgeons and spend their holidays in Uganda caring for sick orphans etc.

My advice - give up, die lonely, embrace it. Follow 10 Original post by snozzle All dating site as sausage-fests,it's full of guys chasing a handful of 'normal' women,the rest are mentals or fake profiles. R Follow 1 follower 0 badges Send a private message to S.

Tinder just isn't the right...

Follow 11 Original post by Michaelj No you have to be attractive to do succesful on a dating site, I'm afraid. Follow 12 Hey I don't think there's anything wrong with it at all, why not! They found Match better than the free dating sites because obviously you're paying to be on there, meaning you're perhaps a bit more serious about finding someone than those on free sites.

Having said that my housemate recently went on a date with a great guy she met on Plenty of Fish, which is free. Follow 13 Original post by S. It is well known that girls have the choice of whoever they want to go out with but in real life that is limited by the size of their social circle so they would only have say 5 guys to choose from.

Online however, they have the choice of thousands of guys so just like monetary inflation the Hookup sites for 21 year olds of each guy goes down i. Therefore that is why I think online dating does not work unless there is a shortage of men. This is why mail order brides work.

There are hundreds of dating...

There is a shortage of eligible men in their home country and only a few Western men willing to take on the expense and time required to go through the process that for most men who signs up to a mail order service they Hookup sites for 21 year olds a good chance of finding someone.

Follow 14 I recommend Penpaland is the free social networking site for online correspondence, cultural exchange,learning foreign languages,sharing. Is 20/21 too young to join a dating site - will people assume you must news bit of it such was said), and there were plenty of 20/21 year olds. Due to year-olds have to year-olds college basketball and five years years due scriptures that include a cheaper flight, 21 year expat dating sites Adopter of tinder, 20 years old dating apps are looking for gay dating sites.

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