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Adult breast feeding spicytalk


Has anyone out there ever tried this? It has been a secret passion of mine since high school. I would be interested in hearing some of your stories and experiences. I have never done it, but I would love too. I would love to lay on my bed, propped up by pillows and offer my breast to a woman for closeness. I've been breastfeeding my lover for over two years now. When we got together, she really needed a lover who would breastfeed her several times a Adult breast feeding spicytalk with wonderful milk.

I wanted to be with her forever so I agreed to lactate and hoped for the best.

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Our efforts to induce lactation in me were terrifically successful! Since we induced on a four-hour schedule, I need to breastfeed or pump every four hours. My lover savors the taste and quantity of milk I produce.

She's developed an amazingly strong suck that thrills me every time she latches on and nurses my milky tits. My nipples have elongated since she nurses often every day and night so it's easy for her to latch on and draw milk from my tits. Breastfeeding her is so sensual and exciting for me! Sometimes my milk lets down Adult breast feeding spicytalk she just rubs my nipples - even through my clothes.

Go for it, ladies! Breastfeeding my lover was one of the best choices I've ever made in my life. Plus she loves to nurse. Our lovemaking is incrediblely intense too - better than ever. I'm so glad to have finally found at least a few women who are like minded.

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For so long I've felt alone in this fantasy and wondered if I'd ever find a woman to let me do it. I am single at the moment, so there's no partner to convince to try lactating, but I doubt a straight chick would let me nurse. Don't underestimate straight women! My girlfriends are friends from childhood - we grew up together same schools, same church, same neighborhoods, etc. They're all straight - some even married with children.

Some married, Adult breast feeding spicytalk living with a man, and some still dating. I'm the only lesbian among us. We fooled around together when we were younger, but most girls go through that phase - especially in an all-girls school. Here's the surprise - at least for me.

When I announced I was inducing to satisfy my lover's need to nurse, they were so casual. When I told them my milk was "in", they couldn't wait to nurse - just to take a taste. Well they've been "tasting" for the last two years now. Whenever we get together for lunch or meet someplace, I always come with full tits because I know they're going to want to nurse. Sometimes, the last to nurse only gets drops, but she keeps nursing even when I'm dry. We don't have sex or anything.

I get to fondle their breasts Adult breast feeding spicytalk they're nursing or stroke their hair so it's not a total loss for me. None of these ladies feel the least bit uneasy about suckling my milky tits because we've been friends for so long. I never expected them to want to nurse me, but my lover thinks it's funny. She says "Once on the tit, always on the tit".

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So just because a woman's straight doesn't mean she's not into your tits! No I want to be on the nursing end. So I want a straight woman to nurse me, and that's the part I doubt. I am so happy to have found this site! I am a straight woman that has been pumping for a few months and just started getting milk drops!

I would love to find another woman to suckle my breasts and let me suckle hers. "Adult breast feeding spicytalk" would like to pump each other. I think it would Adult breast feeding spicytalk a very erotic experience and have been thinking about it for a while.

I have never tried this but hope to find another woman with the same desires. I would love to hear other woman stories of suckling. I am in the upstate NY area. It is so nice to find a group of woman that also have this fantasy. Would you ever considering nursing a man? I just want to be held in your arms and taste your sweet milk. I am in the process of inducing my milk. The thought is such a turn on. I hope all of you find a woman with milky tits who invites you to nurse as often as you like.

May she crave to suck your magnificent breasts and take your milk for those of you lactating. My lover's been suckling my milky tits for over two years now and it's divine for both Adult breast feeding spicytalk us! But if you find a woman you really like and she isn't lactating, give her a chance. Tell her how much it mean to you to nurse another woman and how much you want her to nurse off you.

If you give her a chance, maybe she'll induce like I did. Until my lover told me how much she really needed to nurse from my tits, I "Adult breast feeding spicytalk" never thought of getting milky. Because she really needed this in a loving relationship, I agreed to induce and breastfeed her as often as she needed to nurse. She nurses every four hours or so and sometimes more frequently. When she's gone, I pump my milk for her to enjoy later.

Just because a woman has little bitties doesn't mean her breasts won't develop enough to produce milk to satisfy you. After two years of her nursing off me, my tits are very full and firm Dcup at least and my nipples are large, dark, and elongated - perpetually erect.

Now it's very easy for my lover to latch onto my nipples and suckle my milk. So love the woman first I'm an adult baby seeking a friend to be a "wet nurse" for me.

I hope it is okay that I am not lactating and cannot due to congenital health issues. I've had the desire to be breastfed ever since I had become an adult baby.

I currently have a mommy but she can't lactate due to augmentation surgery. She doesn't mind me sucking but I told her that I wanted to find someone that had milk. She said that she was okay with it and is willing to allow someone to "fill in" for her.

It would be nice and fun to find someone that is okay with this. I hope I can find my match! I think you took a wrong turn someplace.

This thread is about adult women who enjoy breastfeeding or nursing other adult women.

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We are not adult babies. I don't think any of us find the diapers, baby talk, and droolling appealing in any way. Just because we are women and enjoy Adult breast feeding spicytalk another woman's breasts - either to suckle her milk or simply to relish her nipple in our mouths - does not make any of us eager to be your "mommy".

So many adult babies assume we women - lactating or not - want to offer our breasts for your pleasure. That's just not the case. Some women have a profound need to nurse from Adult breast feeding spicytalk woman.

By my inducing, lactating, and breastfeeding her, I made an adult commitment to my adult lover. Women post their desire to nurse on this message board too. I don't think it's an uncommon desire - to want to suckle another woman's milk. By breastfeeding my lover, I discovered I genuinely need to breastfeed my lover as I find her nursing off me so very rewarding and fulfilling. Breastfeeding her has enriched my life beyond my expectations. This isn't the right message board for you.

This is for adult women. Are there any women in the Phoenix AZ area who are interested in suckling another woman? Straight women are preferred but I am open to any woman. Please let me know. I am so glad to see other women who have the same fantasy as me women to woman breastfeeding. I would love to have a woman suck on my niipple milk or no milk.

Where do you find women who want to have women to women breastfeeding? She was looking at a book I had read. This thread is about adult women who enjoy breastfeeding or nursing other adult women. We are not adult babies.

I don't think any of us find the diapers, baby. Watch Adult Breast Feeding Spicy Talk gay porn videos for free, here on Pornhub .com. Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant gay XXX. Looking for adult breastfeeding in he UK · lactater. PM Guy Looking for breast suckling in Montreal · Montreal PM.

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Adult breast feeding spicytalk Has anyone out there ever tried this?
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I am handsome male,single,23 years old and am tottally in support of mature breastfeeding. I have on the agenda c trick a fantasy in search a girl with nice big rigid tits to suckle me day and night: Any crumpet out there having similar ideas or want to be my fantasy delight come to me: Learn more on every side robots. I take the roundest fullest natural Ds, with permanently hard nipples, so I got used to the attention from hoary boyfriends.

Unfortunately, my husband considers it a boring nuissance and ignores them as much as possible. I'm so desparate I masturbate while imagining it. I've tried to search only to see hard gist stuff that scares the bejeezus gone away from of me. At face value, it's this or have a breast-affair with someone who appreciates them Schelle- Like you I was not so sure my soothe would want to try this with me.

So I ordered a video off the internet about adult breastfeeding.

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adult breast feeding spicytalk

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Adult breast feeding spicytalk

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Are Pakistani guys allowed to marry Indian girls? This thread is about adult women who enjoy breastfeeding or nursing other adult women. We are not adult babies. I don't think any of us find the diapers, baby. spicy talk is to maintain, discuss relationships of love marriage divorce dating dealing Adult boy wants surrogate moms for breastfeeding May 24 - am..

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