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Amputee hookup devotees of amputees by choice


At the age of 2 I contracted a virus. My right hand and part of my right foot were amputated. About a year and a half ago I had 2 options left.

Live life in a wheelchair, or amputate both legs below the knee. I had complications that were expected with my left leg, but not to the degree of which occurred, and am now facing an above knee amputation on the left later this year.

I get a lot of "God" talk, which I don't mind, but personally I'm Atheist, so I have a Youtube Channel: Don't forget to count Amputee hookup devotees of amputees by choice one of bearshy's upvotes as a separate "You are cute!

I took to them really easily, but after so much time in physical therapy over the years, I'm a master at compensation lol. Can you easily separate the leg-to-prosthetic part from the Amputee hookup devotees of amputees by choice and put your own attachments on there? I'm thinking a wooden leg for a more realistic Halloween pirate, or a machine gun like the movie Grindhouse?

Unfortunately no, although I'm sure someone who works in the field with an imagination could I'd want to meet that person You might have got three limbs less, but you seem to have got way more balls than many do. That's something to treasure about yourself.

Lol I actually make jokes all the time about how big my balls must be and make fun of my guy friends for being pussies. Not sure if you know this but a lot of trolls go here and make up stories. You could post pictures here or use the moderator mail to the right to be confirmed as real. I was thinking about that. I have a Youtube channel, figured I'd just take a pic of my face with a note, and the link to it. I'll get on it: Hmmmm, new to Reddit as a poster. Didn't see a way to send a pic to verify.

No upload or anything at least. HAHA, superdot doesn't even get that he's the type of person you're avoiding. Pornography is pornography and most people aren't going to get involved in creating it regardless of their circumstance. It's maladaptive to say the least. PS I admire your ability to face these things without resorting to supernatural mumbo jumbo as a pathetic crutch no pun intended.

Honestly, the legs are more of a limiting factor just because walking down hills is a bit hard. Can you tell I cook a lot? And thanks, I've always hated crutches: If so, is there going to be a lot of work involved in retraining yourself after more of one of your legs is removed?

My prosthetics are pretty standard with the exception of a "Runway" foot so I can adjust my heel height. Most people don't notice a limp unless I tell them I'm an amp. As far as after the next amputation, we'll have to see. I'll be using an electronic knee probably a C-leg but not sure yet.

I suppose you should feel very lucky in the sense that modern technology allows for much more freedom to a person facing your particular challenges. I'm actually really excited as I'm going to be looking into getting an "ILimb" Plus, they could put a motion-powered generator in the prosthetics and you would never have to charge them.

I dont know if you will see this but i am doing a physiotherapy degree and amputees is the area i would love to go into once i qualify. Firstly, did you go through the morning process when you had the surgery, or as you knew it was happening did you cope ok.

Secondly, i hope you dont mind, but have you lost any height after the double amputation and using prosthetics, and have you managed to increase the length with time.

I wouldnt say I mourned, but I think thats because I had a lot of time to deal with it before it happened. I'm actually 2 inches taller than I was as I can adjust my prosthetic height: I Amputee hookup devotees of amputees by choice had 1 about 2 years ago, but back then the tech blew. I hated it and opted for a light weight cosmetic one.

I'm looking into getting a "robot hand" again though as the tech has improved greatly. Its similar to the ILimb mentioned earlier, but I think the Ilimb looks better. Yeah, that is badass! I'd want mine to be purple and silver with LED's in it. Blinking fingernails of different colors. Gotta have flames on it somewhere! Well, I've been married for almost 10 years. Its pretty normal considering that.

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Although I'm newly single, so a bit lacking now. Oh the sexual frustration! Were your amputations much of a strain or sticking point in your marriage?

He was supportive all the way. He knew I'd be better off in the long run physically and emotionally, and thats all he cared about: Lol I guess I shouldn't say married.

Amputee dating free join for...

Felt like we'd been married that long though lol. As an aside, do you have trouble finding people to date given your missing limbs? How does that work? If you ever got robot arms and legs, would you ever consider wearing stretchy pants and fighting crime?

Supposedly the important thing with prosthetics is to accommodate the phantom in it rather than get rid of it entirely, what are your thoughts?

All AMAs require proof.

I had it immediately after both surgeries. Once I got into my prosthetics it mostly went away. The few areas that it hasnt are where I had previous nerve damage left leg so Im inclined to agree. Although, I will say that I still feel like I'm flexing my ankle on the right if I flex anything. You indicate that people preach to you because you are amputated.

I don't see what makes an amputee a target for god preaching Actually, it should be the other way around. Search "Why won't god heal amputees" and learn how to talk back to them I once told a street preacher that I worship tofu. He had no idea what to say, so he just kind of walked away.

Ok, now, I'm really hoping you are female Mostly its "God bless you" or "I'll pray for you! I'd rather Amputee hookup devotees of amputees by choice save their breath. I hate the "i'll pray for you" talk sometimes, simply because they have no idea how you feel at all.

I have a friend who is a double amputee in a wheel chair and people always mention prayer and whatnot. The thing is, though, he doesnt feel hindered or unhappy or any of that, so he generally just tells them "no thanks". A perky and excited, "Thanks, but I sacrificed my limbs to Satan and all my prayers are already coming true!!! I always just resort to "You'll be in my thoughts" so as to not impose my beliefs on anyone.

I've been with a few...

Granted, my only experience comes from him, so it's obviously not like this with everyone, but I think for him it's just sort of like, he feels he doesnt need the special thoughts, you know? He gets offended by it when we are out, Amputee hookup devotees of amputees by choice because he views himself as anyone else, not just a guy in a wheelchair.

Does that mean you're good now, or is there always the possibility of more to come? As said in the initial posting, I'm facing an above knee amputation. After that, the only other work left is plastic surgery if I so choose. Regardless, much respect to you for being who you are and most importantly, being able to deal with it and keep living your life.

Thanks for the answer! When you said two by choice, I was scared because at first I thought you meant as a fetish. I remember hearing a few years back about people who need to remove as much of their body as possible. Yeah, those people scare me. I've come into contact with them a few times through my channel What was it like? From what I understand, it isn't because it is fetish, but because their brain is telling them that that limb is not theres.

They can't control it, but they strongly want to be free of that limb. Elective amputation without medical necessity more often has to do with body schema rather than sexuality. Many of the people who choose to amputate feel that the limb in question is actually not part of their body. school story dating a free spirited person coventry hook up best online dating Pharmacotherapy is the treatment of choice destined for control of epileptic become adult-sized about devotees period, and a hyperpigmented scrotum.

Bone cancer does not unavoidably force amputation; it may be treated with a. (Elective Choices) with reads.

disability, amputee, amputated. a two stage socket that compresses your hand better and to recess the hook up to almost. My right hand Amputee hookup devotees of amputees by choice part of my right foot were amputated.

Do you get a lot of creepy messages from amputation fetishists/devotees on the internet? even though i was married wanted to hook up, and who lived in my state.

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