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Bonnie doone nudist beach


Santa Cruz has always been known for its beautiful coastline, moderate climate, and its alternative community lifestyles.

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A few miles north of the city is a beach with coves protected by cliffs. Called Bonny Doon Beach, it has been a beloved destination for locals and tourists who want to lie sans clothing under the sun for zero tan lines. Yes, Bonny Doon Beach is a clothing-optional beach with plenty to offer. It is located on the intersection of Highway 1 and the Bonny Doon Road. The beach is about 11 miles away from the city.

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To get to the beach, you can drive up to Highway 1 and stop at the intersection of Bonny Doon Road. A trail that leads to the beach is found across the railroad. The trail is steep but pretty safe to hike.

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The beach is open to the public from 8am to sunset. There are no facilities at the beach — no restrooms, no built shelters, and no vendors. The nearest businesses is in Davenport, which is 2 miles away. The rules include no bringing of dogs although some beach goers do bring their petsno glass containers, no camping, and no alcohol.

The beach is occasionally patrolled and you might get cited for violations of these rules.

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The beach is divided into separate coves due to the towering cliffs, which seem to embrace small parcels of private spaces for nudists. Visitors can pick a covered spot, take off their clothes, and enjoy the sun and sand without worrying about gawkers or other beach goers.

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Swimming is not advisable at Bonny Doon since the waters can be dangerous with strong rip currents. Bonny Doon Beach is not an official nude beach but there is no law that prevents it.

The natural formations of rocks and cliffs on the beach create the perfect atmosphere for nude sunbathing, making it a favored spot for many who love to don their birthday suits while enjoying the outdoors and nature. On any given weekend during the summer and spring seasons, about 50 nude sunbathers Bonnie doone nudist beach be found at the beach.

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Technically, the clothing-optional portion of the beach is the secluded northern end, where the coves are found. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. 66 reviews of Bonny Doon Beach "Awesome beach. Bonny Doon has been a nude beach for decades, and many have been going there since the 70's. Santa Cruz "Bonnie doone nudist beach" always been known for its beautiful coastline, moderate climate, and its alternative community lifestyles.

A few miles north of the city is a beach. This beach Bonnie doone nudist beach been getting popular over the years. For starters, Davenport is open all night. SCORE! Also very close to Bonny Doon Beach, a nude beach.

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