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Tombstone things to do


Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Tombstone, Arizona is the most famous town in the Old West and totally worth a visit, if you know where to go and what to avoid.

Below are some of our recommendations for Things To Do in Tombstone. Or for a quick peek, click on the hotspots on the map for select attractions. Jay's tour of this, the most storied town of the Old West. It's Tombstone things to do an hour walking tour and as enlightening as it is entertaining. Jay is one of the few who understand that the facts are far more interesting then the legends. I've only seen 2 claims made here that I know to be false.

But there are many good exhibits that tell the story straight-forward based on the more objective eyewitness accounts and historical records.

Today it's an odd little museum that will transport you back to the 's. This Old West newspaper office is totally worthwhile. Here you can see the printing equipment that spread Tombstone things to do word about the most famous gunfight in Western history. And you can buy a copy of the same newspaper that reported both the mundane and heroic in this madhouse of a boomtown.

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Mind you, the Epitaph was a pro-Earp paper, but mostly they got it right. For example, before he was the Epitaph, Clum was an Indian agent, but an arrogant, self-serving one. Many years later, though, when most of the Tombstone turned against the Earps because they thought the Earps were bad for business, Clum stuck with them.

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"Tombstone things to do" A small family affair, it boasts the largest single rose tree in the world. We have 3 other Tombstone videos that may be of interest. Each explains his side of the story.

It would be Mr. Tombstone is full of actors and wild west fans who choose to live there for the experience. See an introduction to the real Tombstone here.

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When visiting Tombstone, the Bordello is a fine place to stay. It is located within easy walking distance of all the historical attractions. Three others we would recommend in town are: Miller's Mercantile and the Lariat Motel.

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If you want top notch, stay at the Monument Guest Ranch Tombstone things to do miles west of town. To see our Tombstone dining recommendations, please click on our Dining Section here. Additionally, we have a slideshow consisting of historic photographs from the Library of Congress that show Tombstone as a near-ghost town during the Great Depression.

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In our Recommended Reading section are two books that are the best written, most authentic histories written about Tombstone in the 's: Who Were These Guys? Photo courtesy of Goose Flats Graphics. 18 Best Things to Do in Tombstone, Tombstone things to do. Renowned for its Wild West history, Tombstone is a town in southeastern Arizona that is famous for being home to. Tombstone is where your Wild West fantasies come to life! This Tombstone Arizona Travel Guide includes my top 7 free and cheap.

The name, TOMBSTONE ARIZONA means many things to many people.

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with real inhabitants who have lived here throughout its history and still do today.

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