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According to John Cooper, public affairs specialist for the U. According to the Globalization of Dissent web-site, "The Teach-in Counting crows adam duritz hookup timeline over 40 outline a number of underlying causes of some of the major problems facing our world today and attemP. Republicans on environmental and ecomonic policies to present them as interrelated and relevant to the lives of every person no matter where they live or what they do.

According to a primary organizer for the event, "The protest will still go on. The event is about leadership and who our current leaders are and the values they represent. We disagree with these values and these leaders agendas including Melvin Laird and the absentee Rumsfeld. Appearing before a filled Laird Room to address concerns about the Bush administration's environmental policy, Sen.

Dave Obey described the advancement of the Republican agenda Obey. The Clear Skies paign, but framed his criticism of ifications of the Bush Initiative would also lengthen the the Bush administration's envi.

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Administration's tax proposal evi- time frame in which target levels ronmental stance in terms of the dence a pattern of prioritizing should be reached by approxibroader domestic inequalities that wealthy interests. Skies Initiative, which will sub- Energy Working Group, which "If you look at the policy stantially relax regulations gov- features 50 representatives rrom front, [Republican leaders] have erning industry emissions Counting crows adam duritz hookup timeline over 40 sul- the oil industry and other industried to weaken the Clean Air fur, mercury a!

See review on page The pointer Advertising Office: More than 11, people registered to participate in this hour event, which started April 11 at 6 p. Part of what I do is outline what needs to be accomplished, gather the staff to do it but let them use their creative talent to do it their own way. Eighteen phones were set up in the studio, giving all teams the opportunity to call major industrial areas. Moreover, they believe in using health and technology standards to guide clean air goals, not the issue of individual polluter costs of compliance.

Counting Crows land at UWSP...

Even after the final answers were recorded on Sunday night, one question still remained: Which team had become the ultimate "Survivor" of Trivia 34? The answer to that question is "Network: For a complete list of teams and their scores, visit http: The contest is an important asset of the c1ty of Stevens Point, and the university. This, more than any other time is a joining of the commUnity and the university.

This is a great public service that puts a positive light on the university, the student body and the support staff. Jim Doyle By Andrew Bloeser. The legislation, passed by lawcosts associated. Bryan Brophy-Baermann of the political science department stated that opposition to the Clear Skies Initiative has centered mainly on the proposed shift from measuring emission on the local level to the regional level, which de-emphasizes the high concentrations of pollutants emitted in Parkinl!

Cameras will be limited to uses that do not violate the reasonable. In public areas, we don't have the same expectations of privacy that we have in personal spaces or spaces used for highly personal activity. The Security Camera Oilicer someone to believe that the cameras were be responsible for reviewing itrulges being monitored live, when in fact they recorded on the cameras after an incident were not.

These signs should be at the occurs and for basic monitoring of the entrance to the area being monitored and cameras. The Security Camera Officer is should identify a contact person who can appointed by the provost and also must answer questions regarding the cameras. A log will also'be used to record Some members of UWSP have also all instances when there is access Counting crows adam duritz hookup timeline over 40 any voiced concern if there really Counting crows adam duritz hookup timeline over 40 a security recorded material.

These numbers are substantially place. The wording on the signs should higher than the previous year. The review is being held in response to a formal complaint received from Career Services. The SIEO is waging allegations against the Infmity Syndicate as being responsible for the drumming that went on in the CCC during class hours and interruptions during a Disney presentation. The drumming is also being investigated due to a student who wrote a letter of complaint to thy chancellor. The conduct review is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, April The Infmity Syndicatewill be given a chance to defend themselves against having their organization terminated.

Ryan Drum, an officer of the InfmitySyndicate, claims that "there was no official sponsorship of the evening protest.

1 Jan It's been a...

Also ftlur of the bodily security incidents were attempted suicides. First they might discourage a thief, vandal or an attacker.

Second, they may help catch the thief, vandal or attacker. This means that, if in fact, crimes were deterred, our insurance costs should go down. Faculty Senate voted on the resolution Wednesday, but the result of the vote was not available'by press time. Graduating on May ISth? Do you have questions about the May 18, Commencement program?

Laura Ketchum-Ciftci Counting crows adam duritz hookup timeline over 40 the SIEO, says that the group is being alleged with violating section 18 of the Rights and Regulations for student organizations. The section outlines conduct for rallies and demonstrations and prohibits disruption of classes and other presentations.

If it is found that the disruptions were the work. Order by mail April May 13 at We need to keep the momentum going so that we are ready at all times, and we can try to prevent the bad things from happening A peace rally held in Wausau's downtown park Saturday opposing militarism reflected a recent transition in the anti-war movment.

The peace movement has changed its focus slightly to fit the change in the war's situation. The major slogan used on signs that was a theme of numerous speakers was "Support our Troops, Bring them Home. D Whitney and numerous Iraq and taking a stance against veterans and musicians.

He says, "We Language of War. The event concluded with music by local band Bright Apocalypse, who offered a percentage of their CD sales to any peace organization in need of funds. There was a group of about 15 counter-demonstrators who marched through several times displaying American flags and "Support our Troops" signs though they did not exchange words with the.

The most vocal counterdemonstrator was a man with a duck call who drove around the gathering repeatedly trying to drown out the speakers with a cackling duck call. He parked several times to get Counting crows adam duritz hookup timeline over 40. The first time he got out of the car and walked closer to the gathering while cackling on the duck call. When several people turned to look at him, however, he immediately ran back to his car and drove away. When he returned later, he was approached by demonstrators who he told "I'm threatened by you liberals who control the media and don't allow for other voices to be heard.

Everywhere I go, I'm told to 'do the liberal dance. In Paris, we filled our eyes and ears with a beautiful performance of the ballet Joyaux at the famous Opera National de Paris. After tasting just the surface of French culture, we moved on to Caen and met the families we'll be staying with for the next three and a half months.

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With our new families, each of us has physically emerged ourselves into a new lifestyle filled with different words, food, and alternative forms of transportation. Although our advent ures in Europe have just begun, our experiences, lessons, and tastes have grown so far.

Until t he next postcard, au revoir! Following Counting crows adam duritz hookup timeline over 40 talk, the author will be available for signing copies of her novel. Senna's first novel, Caucasia, a national best seller, has been translated into seven languages. The New York Times Book Review by Elizabeth Schmidt says, "Throughout the novel, Senna superbly illustrates the emotional toll that politics and race take on one especially gutsy young girl's development as she makes her way through the parallel limbos between black and white and between girl and young woman.

Her journalistic writing has appeared in The Nation; 0: The Oprah Magazine; Salon. Taking Rumsfeld out of the picture wouldn't solve anything. The problem is in the system itself, and Rumsfeld is just a pawn in the system. Ketchum-Ciftci says that the link between the Infmity Syndicate and the incidents in question are from an informant who claims to have heard IS members talking about protesting the Disney speaker and the motive that the IS had spoken against corporate powers in front of the UC earlier that day.

The Globalization of Dissent teach-in urges people to "Act like it's a globe, not an empire" and is slated for April 27th from For more inforritation on the teach-in, check out the event's homepage at: She states, "The article is a testimony by the writer that he knew these events were going to Counting crows adam duritz hookup timeline over 40 and that the three events were linked.

Ketchum-Ciftci states that the IS will have the opportunity to prove this point during the conduct review. And the phone calls. Who calls during Trivia? There was even a team named "Google Search Engine" or something like that. It's the 53rd hour, cut me a break. Throughout the entire weekend, there were only two negative aspects of Trivia that frustrated me. For starters, the DJ's never announced the name or artist of the song just played, and similarly, whenever Oz would disqualify a question, unless you were writing them down, you'd have no way to reference which question was being ousted.

BATES it'll catch up to you sometime.

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The 53rd hour is upon us. This was my first year of serious Trivia competition. I was confident; teammates had told me that the first answer every year was "Robert Redford," but we would have known the answer anyway. And so the madness began.

Only a few of the Urban Achievers were camped out in front of the glowing. However, by close to midnight, the team's momentum was in full swing, miilmg answer after answer. Trivia seemed-to be the only thing going on in the world; no homework, exams or quizzes seemed to matter. We heard tons of throwback tunes that kept us go. We munched taco dip, enjoyed brews and gorged the candy that I was literally pelted in front of my house during the parade.

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