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Do girls masturbate while driving


Soda-pop satisfies Even though I don't masturbate while driving on a constant basis, when I do it really is something. I'll stop and pick up a 20 oz. Classic Coke and before opening it I wait until I'm back on the road again and I place this cold Coke bottle between my legs and I ease the bottom of the Coke down and under me until I'm comfortable with its position and I'll hold the bottle top and force my cunt lips apart with just the right amount of pressure from pushing towards the bottle and pressure from me pushing into my rock hard love button.

I use a back-and-forth rocking motion and I place more pressure on the bottle and I just let my self go and I simply just explode in an orgasmic wave of pure ecstasy and I cum and cum and cum and I'm always anticipating the next time I can do this again. Stoplight quickie While I'm driving, I put my hand down my pants over my underwear and rub myself gently with my other hand on the wheel. I do it while listening to music, which especially helps even more if it's a song that, to me, is sexy.

I do that and maintain a good amount of pleasure but Do girls masturbate while driving so much that I lose control of my driving. When I know I'm coming up to a red light, I'll speed up the rubbing a bit and then when I'm stopped I'll rub really fast and hard to bring myself to a quick orgasm before I have to go again.

Sometimes people will look over at me with a puzzled look on their face because they can't actually see what I'm doing, but I'm sure my expression says something. Naughty at night When driving home at night from the office in traffic that is not moving, I pull into a nearest shopping "Do girls masturbate while driving" parking lot and begin to rub myself.

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The feeling is so great that I strip out of my skirt, blouse, shoes, stockings, bra, and panties and really let myself go, knowing I may be seen or caught. I pinch, twist, and pull on my sensitive nipples while the other hand is rubbing and inserting a finger into my wet pussy until I explode.

Water nymph I love to masturbate anywhere, but one of the things I like doing is cumming while I'm driving on a long journey. I usually have a plastic bottle of water with me, and I stick it down into my pants Do girls masturbate while driving between my legs while I'm driving and hump it, making it all wet. I hump and hump and moan as loudly as I can, saying things like "fuck me, fuck me hard, go on, fuck me" and I hump that bottle until it makes me cum.

Roadside attraction I like to masturbate in the car while my boyfriend is driving. I suck his cock while he takes off my sexy little g-string.

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After that, I touch my clit, rubbing my hand in circles. Thinking that truckers might see my ass and my pussy while I masturbate makes me feel soo hot inside! Sometimes my boyfriend will ask me to take off everything, stark naked, and do it in front of him while he drives. He opens the window and lets the natural air and wind blow on me.

I feel very excited and cold, like I was staying outside and laying under the moon. Then he stops his car by the roadside and opens all the doors and masturbates while watching me do the same. I imagine somebody is watching me digging in my wet pink pussy, wanting to lick it and fuck it. Student exhibition I'm a college student and frequently take two-hour car "Do girls masturbate while driving" home.

Most of the time I am alone in the car and become extremely horny as my imagination runs wild. I began masturbating one day when I had a skirt on without any panties. I began by rubbing my nipples through my shirt and squeezing my legs together to excite my clit. By this time my pussy was wet and pulsing. I moved my hand down to my pussy and began to flick and rub my clit. I pushed three fingers inside of my wet "Do girls masturbate while driving," gently rocking back and forth.

I was extremely excited by this point and started rocking faster and faster until I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life! It was even more exciting knowing that I was driving next to people who could see me. Catch me if you can I love to Do girls masturbate while driving with the thought of getting caught. I especially love doing it in my car while I am stuck in traffic, hoping that someone might catch me. I recently moved to putting a pocket rocket deep inside of me and turning it on while driving home, adjusting the setting faster and faster until as I cum.

Then I wait a little bit then start it up again. Electric toothbrush I got really bored and horny on a car trip I was taking by myself. I had an electric toothbrush in my bag so I slipped my panties off and went to town on my clit.

I had the most incredible orgasm right there as I was driving. I almost drove right off the road! It made me so wet and I couldn't help but moan.

Long drive home I often take long car rides to commute from work to home, and I always get so bored. Last week I was particularly bored and horny so I decided to go ahead and rub on my clit while I was driving. It felt so good and I decided that I was just going to have to come, so I rubbed harder and faster, all while driving.

I was driving in a low car and I got a thrill when I passed trucks because I knew that they could see me. Before long I was coming like crazy and trying to Do girls masturbate while driving my car on the road. Hidden panties I wear a skirt to work and on my way home I take off my panties and push them as far as I can into my pussy.

Then I stop off at the store and buy some wine and a cucumber. When I turn into my driveway, I slowly pull my panties almost all the Do girls masturbate while driving out.

Most of the time they fall out just when I get to the door. I pick them up and smell them, then I start fucking whatever I can find, like the vacuum handle, and then I end up on my bedpost with my juices running down my leg.

Weekend exhibitionist I like to masturbate while driving in my car, sometimes after work and sometimes on weekends, especially in the springtime. I start off my day by taking a hot shower and shaving my pussy so it's very soft and smooth. Then I put on a short dress or skirt and go for a drive.

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I can't keep my hands off myself as I drive down the interstate, and it is such a turn-on when any guy looks over and sees my hand down in my crotch. Sometimes I drive in city traffic and play with myself between stoplights. After about an hour or so, when I'm so worked up that Do girls masturbate while driving don't care, I put my leg up on the seat or dashboard and make myself cum.

Sometimes I can have 10 or 15 orgasms a day doing this, and I almost always have someone jockeying for position for a better view when I cum. Traffic tease One day I was driving on the highway and was feeling real hot. It was daylight and I was driving with the windows open going about mph. I was wearing a skirt that day because it was a beautiful 75 degrees Do girls masturbate while driving. Controlling the pedals with my right foot, I lifted my left leg and put it on the driver's side arm rest.

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Everything was exposed, and it felt so good having cool, breezy air touching my hot cunt. I was wearing a G-string and pulled that to the side.

Then I noticed there was a SUV driver pulling up to the left and realized it was Do girls masturbate while driving cute older guy sitting by himself.

So I decided to tease him a little and pulled my skirt up to the top of my thighs so that you could see my pussy.

I started to touch myself lightly and also pulled my tank top down to my stomach so that my tits were exposed. I noticed that the guy had pulled up next to me and was driving the same speed. Going about 55 mph, I started rubbing real hard and fast. The next thing you know, I came. Interstate stripper I love to masturbate in front of my husband while we are driving down the interstate at night.

He massages my shoulders, then works his way to my heaving, full tits. He removes my top, then I completely strip. I rub my tits and my clit. I take an empty beer bottle long neck and begin to fuck the bottle while I massage my clit. He turns the light on so he can see better and so the passing trucks can see as well. I make him pull over and let me masturbate on the interstate so the oncoming cars can see.

Then I fuck his brains out. Golf-ball baller I was in the back seat of our car, my brother was driving, and my dad in the passenger seat.

I had a golf ball with Do girls masturbate while driving, and by rolling it around my clit really quickly it gave me the best orgasm ever. They were none the wiser! Dildo dame Sometimes I'll slide a dildo inside myself, or strap it in with one of the harnesses that you can get to hold a dildo inside you, and not just one that's meant for fucking someone else, and then take a drive along a bumpy road.

It's better if someone else is driving, so that you don't have an accident. But what really gets me off is wearing Do girls masturbate while driving boyfriend's boxer-briefs and strapping on two dildos. You can get a double-strap-on harness that has one place for a dildo that goes inside me, and one place for a dildo that sticks out. I get my boyfriend's underwear on over that big stick-out dildo, let the dildo stick out the Y-front opening, pull on some jeans and a sweater, and just go for a drive.

If I go to a neighboring town where no one knows me, I enjoy the looks I get as people try to figure out whether I'm a man with fake breasts and good makeup, or a woman wearing a BIG dildo. Then I get back in the car, unzip my jeans, let the dildo stick out, and jerk on it while I'm stopped at traffic lights. People see my arm moving and think I'm jerking off. Because every time I jerk on the dildo that's sticking out, the one that's up inside me is working away at my pussy.

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It's even better when I get someone else to drive me along the freeway and give truckers an eyeful. Stoplight buddies When I go driving at night, I like to unbutton Do girls masturbate while driving jeans and Do girls masturbate while driving my throbbing dick out of the fly of my baggy cum-stained boxers and stroke it easy while I'm at a stoplight.

When the light turns green, I stroke myself harder and faster. If a car passes by I usually cover up. It's fun jerking off in industrial parks at night because I like to let anyone who passes by have a look, especially larger trucks.

One time while hot and horny at a stoplight, I couldn't stop and just kept jerking off. The person in the vehicle next to me looked over. It was some dude, doing the same. Watch Masturbating While Driving porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and. I've rear-ended people for pretty stupid reasons (as have, I'm guessing, most of you), but never, like this woman in the UK, while allegedly masturbating while.

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