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How You Know Which Female Sperm


The miracle of creating a new life and having a gift inside the human body goes beyond the limits of happiness one can feel. Excitement, joy, contentment, awe and delight are the least that could be written to describe this experience.

Can you influence the gender...

And then, after being convinced that baby is on the way, all these feelings turn into a question mark. What is the baby going to look like? When is the due date? Is the baby going to be a boy or a girl? Will a blonde or a brunette come to life? This puts the mother in a difficult position making her feel anxious and guilty. Luckily, with a fact that nowadays is accessible by everyone through the internet, it is easy to learn that research has determined that the woman is not responsible for the gender of the baby, but the father is.

This fact probably is one of the best pieces of news a woman could have had in the earlier centuries when everyone wanted to be sure it was a boy she was carrying. To understand more about the process of gender determination we How You Know Which Female Sperm this list of 15 components you need to know in this journey. Males and females carry different kind of hormones in their body and this is fairly apparent by looking at the impact of this by looking at the differences of men and women in the appearance, physique, voice tone etc.

However, to discover the composition of the sperm and female egg, it was needed to carry out a colossal work by scientists in order to learn the facts that are available now. Every cell of the human body contains 46 chromosomes total, 23 pair from each parent.

So all of our genetic information is in the nucleus of every cell in our body. They "How You Know Which Female Sperm" different sizes compared to each other, as they contain different amounts of genetic information known as deoxyribonucleic acid, or simply DNA.

The X chromosome in every human covers more than million base pairs. Since the father had already taken one X chromosome from his mom, his female child takes one from him as one of her X chromosomes indirectly from her father's mother and the other X chromosome from her own mother. The X chromosome carries a large number of genes but few of them - if any at all - deal directly with what takes care of gender determination.

Very early in the development of the embryo in female fetuses, one of her two chromosomes XX is made inactive in nearly all cells, other than the egg cells. This process is known as X-inactivation. However, X-inactivation in the those cells does not mean a complete deactivating of function of one of the X-chromosomes. Because if this was the case, females will have just one functioning later in life like males.

Studies are still going on in this regard and are not definitive, as it is How You Know Which Female Sperm that this phenomenon might be more biologically active than perceived.

Speaking of chromosomes, we learned that the last pair of them has either an X or a Y in the end. This chromosome is called the gender chromosome because it determines what gender the baby or the zygote is going to become.

A female has a nicely matched pair of chromosomes as they are XX. On the other hand, a male does not have a matching pair and instead has XY. The X chromosome, contributed by the mother, matches with a smaller Y chromosome contributed by the father. The reason is that the X chromosome contains more genetic information than the Y chromosome. To clear up something else, the last pair of chromosomes is not literally the last, but it is designated to be the 23rd by convention.

Sperm is produced by cells called spermatogonium. These cells reproduce themselves in the usual way, which is by mitosis, so that a man doesn't run out of them. It may look right for some to think that if a man only had sons, he therefore only posses Y sperm, or that men who have all girls have only X sperm. The truth has been proven after years of tests and research, that practically all men have almost the same number of Y and X sperm, including those men who have only one of either gender.

The reason for this is that the process through which sperm are produced - spermatogenesis - ensures that the same number of X and Y-sperm are produced.

This is because X-sperm and Y-sperm are produced together, but become separate after a separation of an XY cell, which is referred to as the parent cell.

Every cell - as long as they are not abnormal - in one's body are reproduced all the time, through a process known as mitosis. Here, the cell's DNA reproduces and creates a copy of itself, then divides to create two cells that are the same as the original cell.

It is said that the XX sperm or the girl producing sperm, is bigger in size than How You Know Which Female Sperm XY sperm. This could also result How You Know Which Female Sperm the belief that the XX is slower than the XY. However, based on scientific facts, the differences between these two is easily calculated to a 2. Yep, that much difference. So the heads of the sperm might be 1 percent wider or with no difference, depending on the individual sperm.

Even though some studies show no difference between the XX and XY and some others show a 1 percent difference, it is known that one single ejaculation contains How You Know Which Female Sperm 50 percent female sperm and 50 percent male sperm. This supports the idea that when conceiving, there is a 50 percent chance of getting pregnant with a boy or a girl. And who knows, maybe both. We already learned that sperm comes in slightly different sizes, but before we had all this technology in our hands, their size was thought to be a real factor on the body.

So, thinking they had drastically big differences, their speed might change their ability to swim too. According to a scientist called Shettles, female sperm was thought to swim slower because of the bigger mass and size, and the male ones to swim faster on their way to find an egg. Due to the expansion of the studies made on this case, we are now know that the difference is very tiny and has little or no impact on any of them. Also cervical mucus helps the sperm to arrive at their destination and shows them the way, without differentiating the types.

This method consists of two facts that Shettles discovered. Firstly, he states that the female sperm is bigger and slower than the male sperm, and secondly that the female sperm lives longer than male ones.

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The interpretation came from the fact that the female sperms are bigger, thus they are stronger and hardier. This allows them to survive longer than the male ones.

Based on today's studies, we know that the true measurements of how big the female sperm is indicates that there is no actual fact that makes them stronger or slower. But, relating to Shettles once again, all we have now is a hypothesis that the male sperm lives up to three days and the female sperm lives up to five days.

The latest research made on this showed opposite results resulting in the claim that the Y sperm lives longer than the X sperm in vitro.

Becoming pregnant can be seen as a gift from above for some parents, and sometimes it happens with lots of critical thinking from both of the partners to decide when is the best time, where is the best place to give birth, how comfortable the home is for the baby and so on. After solving all the questions popping inside the brain, there is one more that remains unsolved, what gender is the baby going to have?

When parents are planning ahead for the gender they specifically want, the process becomes more complex and in this situation, they are ready to try everything in order to achieve their desire.

Although, this is not foolproof either. This method claims that the female sperm, which is bigger and lives longer creates an opportunity for the parents to plan their calendar. So if they want a boy they should start having How You Know Which Female Sperm on the day of ovulation, as the male sperm dies faster, and if they want a girl, start days before the ovulation and avoid intercourse on ovulation day until two days after ovulation.

This theory is not proven, but still, its not bad to give it a try. It has been documented by in vitro observation that even though they swim at the same speed, the female sperm swims differently than the male ones. In addition, the number of sperm that were present at the time of the study, affected the way they swam. Maybe they need some tricks to escape from overcrowding. Starting from muscle contractions, mucus in the vagina and cervix, and cilia hair-like vibrating structure that line the Fallopian tubes are far more efficient than the movements of How You Know Which Female Sperm sperm itself.

The desire to determine the gender comes not only from the parents, but also from researchers and scientists, that maybe want to help the human population and maybe want to gain some benefits for themselves too.

Another theory that follows the first track of thoughts "How You Know Which Female Sperm" the female sperms are bigger than the male ones is that this size makes them stronger and the male ones weaker. Thus, an acidic environment would kill off most of the Y sperm and all of the X would be left to fertilize the egg.

It has been suggested that douching with vinegar will aid in conceiving a girl and baking soda for a boy. A lot of people have expanded upon this idea over the last few decades and run with it and there are various preparations ready to be bought that are supposed to help an individual conceive his and her desired gender.

This is because female sperm...

However, there is no scientific evidence in this method, and the results might be pure luck. X and Y have different properties that can be noticed easily and when these are combined with the chemicals that are in semen, it may have an influence in the gender ratio.

However, to discover the composition...

In a study, it was found that sperm had different How You Know Which Female Sperm properties. The hope was that actually these differences were the X and Y sperm. However, on another study conducted by the same researchers, it was found that the sperm were two Y sperm, and the difference was their antigen. In a meta analysis, researchers explained that while a sperm separates from one XY cell into different X sperm and Y sperm, both of them stay connected for some time during which the genes share genetic details among the set of genes that will end up in both the separate X and separate Y sperm.

They are all one cell until all this occurs, and it is when this separation occurs that they divide into two separate entities. Therefore, whatever is on the outside of both the X and Y are the same. Over millions of years, this X-chromosome has played a very important role in the development of gender defined characteristics. All through this time, it has gathered an uneven number of genes that How You Know Which Female Sperm with mental functions. For yet to be explained reasons due to lack of in-depth understanding, the X-chromosome possesses a larger number of genes that deal with the development of intelligence, with no clear links to other biological functions.

Also scientists have developed a great interest in the belief that there is a possibility of only one gene working. One or more genes linked with the X-chromosomes have a direct impact on the development of the area of the brain that performs the role of processing memory, emotional actions, decision making and its connections with centers involved in socializing or processing social encounters.

However, all we know for sure is that the girls outperform boys on social cognitive tasks and school results. Knowing that the baby will look like his parents and close relatives is no science, but there is a need for some scientific research in order to determine how the baby inherits the characteristics of his ancestors.

X or Y sperm?

In research it was noticed that a number of possible ancestors on the inheritance line for the How You Know Which Female Sperm chromosome at a particular ancestral generation follows a sequence. The X chromosome, the male, has from his mother, which took it from the grandmother, and her grandmother took it from her own mother and father and so on. The Y chromosome he took from his father, which was given by the grandfather and so on.

So this research claims that great-great-grandparents of up to five contributed to the father's X chromosome. Female sperm like calcium and magnesium, while male sperm like sodium and potassium in cervical mucus. This is claimed to be because of their electrical charges.

These electrolytes are what attract the sperm to the egg. This idea shows that changes in diet can alter the gender ratio and it has a lot of scientific support. Now this theory is related with another one, which claims that X and Y sperm have different electrical charges.

Professor Matthews told the Independent: "How You Know Which Female Sperm" may be possible in future to use this to perhaps separate male and female sperm.' He said this. Female sperm can be either: A sperm that contains an X chromosome, produced in the usual Since the late s, scientists have explored how to produce sperm where all of the chromosomes come from a female donor.

body), and is seeking funding to see whether such techniques can be used to make female sperm. As you likely know, if a sperm cell carrying an X chromosome fertilizes an egg cell, the progeny will be female (XX).

Conversely, if a sperm cell.

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