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Harry potter ride stuck


Kevin Malkin, Previous Forston and Anastasia Hedgepeth, were left dangling upside-down on a unnamed roller coaster ride for over an hour during their visit to the park two years ago, according to a recently filed lawsuit.

My question is this, why are they just now filling the lawsuit when the incident happened two years ago?

Been to Harry Potter and...

The lawsuit neither says how they finally got done or what the the malfunction was. To me the lawsuit sounds all very vague. But I hope the were compensated for being stuck that long.

I got stuck on Harry...

The Forbidden Journey ride in both the Orlando and the brand new Universal Studios Hollywood parks, which is half roller coaster and half simulator, certainly has, including now implementing 3D glasses. As you could probably Harry potter ride stuck, those combinations can induce nausea, which is a complaint we heard a lot right before the WWoHP park opened on the West Coast.

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Peter Uihlein got stuck on...

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I got stuck on Harry...

View all Entertainment Weekly Sites. Japanese Harry Potter theme park debuts interactive wands by Dan Selcke.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden...

Harry potter ride stuck Uihlein got stuck on the "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" ride at Universal Studio on Friday. Sometimes the ride starts again after a few minutes of waiting, but I never put the bar on tight anymore, also got stuck on Harry potter for like 2.

While visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, three people got stuck on a ride for over an hour.

Thrill seekers at Universal Studios...

Two years later, reports are they.

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