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Laptop and sperm depletion


Sperm count has been steadily dropping for years, affecting a couple's ability to conceive. In JulyNewsweek reported that sperm quality has been of much scientific debate since "a Laptop and sperm depletion paper that found that average sperm counts had halved in men without a history of infertility between and Research has investigated potential contributing factors of low sperm count, including pre-existing medical conditions and environmental influences.

In the past, researchers focused mainly on sperm duct defects, chromosome defects, and hormone imbalances.

One recent claim blames laptop...

Environmental influences were later considered as well. These included use of tobacco, alcohol, medications especially hormones and steroidspesticides, heavy metal exposure, diet, and even prolonged bicycling. While endocrine disrupting chemicals most likely plays a role too, the link between radiation and male fertility has also attracted Laptop and sperm depletion study.

This condition can easily occur when a man sits with his laptop on top of his testes for a prolonged period of time. In addition to working with laptops on our laps, men often carry their cell phones in their front pant pocket.

S tudies suggest cell phone radiation may impair fertility. LH is a n important reproductive hormone that is secreted by the pituitary gland in the brain. Another observation was higher levels of circulating testosterone.

The radiation from cell phones can block the Laptop and sperm depletion of this testosterone to a more active, potent form of testosterone associated with sperm production and fertility. The most striking find was that men who carried their phones in a pocket, or on their belts, were more likely to have lower sperm counts, or less active sperm. This includes using Bluetooth and other headsets, since it is likely that your cell phone is parked near your testes while doing this, maintaining a direct line to your sperm.


Some experts believe the evidence to date shows that sperm quality is threatened by our technology. Proving harm is an expensive and lengthy process.

Given the current data, some experts believe technology threatens our fertility. We have enough evidence to issue precautionary health warnings.

Low Sperm Count: The Link...

The evidence for sperm damage is quite consistent across many studies. In the video below, you'll hear Dr. Devra Davis speak more about how cell phone radiation can impair sperm quality. And men with low sperm count may be at higher risk for other health issues, including cancer. They're her favorite low toxic items that she can't live without. Groundbreaking hacks for practical nontoxic living. Delivered straight to your inbox.

Having a low sperm count...

At a frequency that won't annoy you. Would you like to subscribe to Sophia's newsletter for special offers, new podcasts, tips, and other developments? The effect of mobile device radiation on healthy male sperm parameters and fertility Wi–Fi laptop users were not included in the study a priori. When testicle temperature rises, sperm production is significantly slowed.

Goldstein tells his patients to avoid placing laptop computers on their laps were actually trying to conceive, which can significantly deplete the stores. Both 1-hour and 7-hour Laptop and sperm depletion showed a decrease in sperm .


(13) showed that 1 hour exposure of RFR from a laptop antenna (a GHz it has been recently demonstrated that depletion in the activity of both histone.

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