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What are finstas used for


One teacher investigated by asking her students why they have fake social media accounts on Instagram and other popular sites. One of my favorite students, Hallie dragged her birkenstock-clad feet as she shuffled into my classroom during break. I made sure to look down at my computer as I asked, not wanting her to know how eager I was for her response. And there was my answer.

Finstas are mainly kept private...

Aside from hair color, it was difficult to tell the junior girls apart. Each girl wore black leggings and an athletic top—the uniform of the year-old.

If you asked them why they wore leggings or why they wore the sandals, they would inevitably say that the clothes What are finstas used for comfortable. She was still distracted by her password loss. David asked what we were talking about. Although I knew the days of the drug dealer pager were over, I had never considered that a secret social media account could be the new underground drug web.

The solution—kids brilliantly created two social media accounts, one private and one public.

What's the point of having...

One social media account bragged of hundreds of followers, while the other had a more devious mission. As I continued my conversation with David, I decided to poll other students informally throughout the day. While kids would nod when I mentioned drugs or alcohol, they also admitted to preferring a less public profile on occasion. FINSTA was a sounding board where they could discuss their What are finstas used for days or make jokes they knew their friends would appreciate and not ridicule.

Having taught teenagers for the past 16 years, I admit that I find it harder to identify with their social norms. But being on the inside, I have the unique opportunity to observe their communication much like I could by sitting next to a Secret Society Meeting.

We send the world or at least our followers an edited image of ourselves. Probably not, but it might make me feel a little freer to share our real, messy lives with just a few people. Get Your Teen Magazine in your inbox!

What is FINSTA?

I feel disconnected from the world. JavaScript is required for this content. What is FINSTA? Why are fake social media accounts popular with teens?

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Why does your son or daughter have a FINSTA? This teacher asked and got some. Finsta: noun; a fake (or second) Instagram account, primarily used to hide scandalous and overtly sexual behavior, cultivate an alter ego, and.

But have you ever heard of the "finsta," a combination of the words "fake" and " Instagram" used to represent someone's hidden, personal.

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